Authority Partners Job Fair

We are inviting IT professionals interested in the opportunity to work for the leading IT company operating in the global market on cutting edge technologies for international clients and within international team to join global online AP Job Fair.

Nazli Ece Ozmen

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Nazli Ece Ozmen

This month’s AP Team Stories brings you the story from the culture that stretches back more than 5000 years. Welcome to Turkey, a country with rich history and fascinating nature, a wide range of different cultures, a large number of young people, multiple business opportunities, and inevitably great food.

The 5th Annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit held Globally

AP Architects around the world gathered at the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center in Sarajevo and online at the fifth annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit. The Summit was marked by two great days of exchanging exciting ideas and knowledge and opening horizons regarding new and current technologies.


Feedback Culture in AP

Nowadays, people expect multiple types of content to suit their needs. Although it is a rather enjoyable thing to do, not everyone has time to read a 6,000-word blog post. Others, more visual types, want a quick video. And then there’s podcasting – a great way to reach people outside of when they’re sitting in front of a computer.

Programming Healthy Life Habits: Happy, Healthy Programmer!

We are lucky to live in a time when focus on healthy (or at least healthier) habits receives more attention than ever before. We tend to leave these conversations for our time off work, but, alas, we seem to have less and less of it. So now is the time to raise this issue to the next level and start talking about healthy life habits in places where we spend most of our time – at work. Avant-garde? Well, not really.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Claury Franchesca Mejia Rodriguez

Sit for a second and imagine endless summer while drinking “Mama Juana” on 1290 kilometers of coastline, surrounded by 57 limestone caves with prehistoric drawings and carvings. Lively and uplifting dance music is heard from a nearby café – what a wonderful feeling. Welcome to the Dominican Republic, let’s meet Claury!