AP was founded on a lifelong passion for programming and its ability to change the face of enterprise. Doing anything less was inconceivable. Our achievements were realized early on in partnership with our clients, who we empowered to succeed through our AP built information systems. That’s why, while others define themselves by the industries and technologies they work with, we choose to define ourselves by our integrity, devotion to client partners, and agile approach to implementation.

  • 1998

    AP Opens Office in U.S.A

    Small team of developers set out to build the best IT solutions in the world.

  • 2005

    AP Opens Technology Center in Sarajevo 

    AP starts off development center in Sarajevo with 4 geeks on a snowy Monday.

  • 2014

    200 Geeks On Board

    -200 geeks strong.
    -Grand opening of AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center.
    -AP entered top 100 most successful companies in BiH.

  • 2019

    We Are 300+ Consultants on 5 Continents

    -Fast forward to 2019 we are 300 strong and greater than sum of our parts.
    -AP wins Most Attractive Employer in BiH Award 8, years in a row.

  • 2020

    AP Opens Technology Center in Istanbul

    -We are 400+ strong.
    -Grand opening of the AP Technology Center Istanbul.

AP map - updated

In 1998, a small team of developers set out to build the best IT solutions in the world. Today, we are more than 500 strong, and greater than the sum of our parts.


We were just a few skinny college kids when we started consulting 26 years ago. Countless releases and three countries later, it’s that same entrepreneurial spirit that remains in our DNA today. That’s why AP draws in technical mavericks that are trained in agile implementation on the enterprise level. While others thought agile execution across distributed teams was impossible, we made it a reality by implementing a heightened communication protocol between our organizational units and client partners. That success has allowed us to expand globally.


How do you know when all of your hard work is finally paying off? Well, one way is when folks outside of your company recognize your successes. We are honored and delighted to be recognized as one of the best IT companies in the market. It is our goal to continue to give our customers excellent service, and we look forward to holding onto this prestigious honor for many years to come.

Most Attractive Employer in BiH

AP has won Most Attractive Employer in BiH 8 years running.

100 Most Successful Companies in BiH

AP ranked Top 100 Most Successful Companies in BiH.


Only a customized solution can answer your every business need and create efficiencies that impact your bottom line. That’s why we take partnership with our clients so seriously. With our geographically distributed teams operating over 14 time zones, we poise ourselves to cherry-pick the best talent in the world, and can deliver innovation and transformation to our client partners around the clock.