What Would be Your Priority List for Joining an IT Company?

Have you ever asked yourself, “when it comes to company culture, what would be your priority list for joining an IT company?” Well, we’ve just got the set of opinions from Authority Partners consultants on performance, culture, and relationships through the recent Consultants Engagement survey.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Besim Durguti

In this month’s AP Team Story, Besim shares interesting facts about his country’s culture, and how he initially get interested in IT Industry, and who inspires him. Read on to hear how the onboarding and mentorship process went for him and what puts a smile on his face when he thinks about AP.

AP Family Joined Forces in the Forestation of Turkey

AP Family joined its own forces, 450+ consultants appreciating nature and devoted to creating excellence in the world we live in. We collected and donated 2040 tree saplings to the fire strike area in Turkey.

Authority Partners Passport for Future

Yes, we are stronger for 20 new talents eager to learn, grow and code. All of them are prepared for everyday IT industry challenges, and we’ve just unlocked their potential, so we are sincerely looking forward to everything that comes.