Let’s CLAP for Ivana Kojovic!

Meet Ivana Kojovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Scrum Master and Team Lead at Authority Partners. Like Wonder Woman, she champions education and equal rights, inspired by Staka Skenderova. Ivana embraces diverse projects, fostering global collaboration within our team.

Let’s CLAP for Yavuz Selim Yilmaz!

Our destination is Türkiye where we learn about Yavuz Selim Yilmaz, Software Developer at Authority Partners. Yavuz’s practicality and adaptability shine in his work, whether he’s fine-tuning financial systems or taking on diverse roles. His enthusiasm for advanced AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot reflects his dedication to inventive solutions.

Let’s CLAP for Dejan Bratic!

In a world where innovation knows no boundaries, Authority Partners brings global expertise to your doorstep. Our diverse team of consultants spans the planet, collaborating seamlessly to drive success.

This month, we’re applauding Dejan Bratic, Software Developer, whose career wisdom is a testament to our commitment to excellence. As someone who views setbacks as steppingstones and a chance to rise stronger, he’s on a mission to accelerate his expertise even further.

Join us in giving a round of applause and read our full conversation.

Let’s CLAP for Luciano Yabra!

August’s edition of Let’s CLAP takes us all the way to Argentina. World, let us introduce you to Luciano Yabra, an exceptional Software Developer at Authority Partners.

Let’s CLAP for Stefanija Popovska!

July’s spotlight is shining bright on Stefanija Popovska, an exceptional Software Developer representing North Macedonia at Authority Partners!

Stefanija’s journey in the IT field has been fueled by her dedication to personal growth and continuous learning. At Authority Partners, she thrives in an environment that supports her career aspirations and recognizes her accomplishments. From achieving milestones to celebrating team successes, Stefanija embodies the spirit of collaboration and balance. Her story is truly inspiring!

Join us in applauding Stefanija for her incredible journey and commitment to creating excellence.

Authority Partners Architects’ Summit 2023: AI as the Key Element in IT Industry Transformation

This year’s Summit features 14 speakers who will present on a wide range of topics in the field of information systems architecture, with a focus on artificial intelligence and its role in transforming the IT industry. The event provides an opportunity for IT professionals from Authority Partners and client companies to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices in utilizing AI technologies in the design and construction of business systems.