A Round of Applause for Ivana Kojovic

Meet Ivana Kojovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Scrum Master and Team Lead at Authority Partners. Like Wonder Woman, she champions education and equal rights, inspired by Staka Skenderova. Ivana embraces diverse projects, fostering global collaboration within our team.  

Her advice? “Be brave! ‘Too late’ does not exist!” 

Join us in exploring how Ivana’s passion for her work drives innovation and excellence in every task.

What is one project or achievement that you are most proud of during your time at Authority Partners? 

It’s hard to specify one achievement. Adapting to new projects, different clients and their needs is always a big challenge. Everyday communication with colleagues from different countries and different cultures is also a challenge, and I am proud to say that we are working as one big family.

What is one thing that you have accomplished in your career that you didn’t think was possible? 

To switch careers drastically, which I did when I started working at Authority Partners. I thought environments and pipelines are some distant worlds, but now it’s my world.

What is one way that Authority Partners has helped you achieve a personal or professional goal? 

The Authority Partners team recognized me, my abilities and gave me a chance to be a part of their team. 3,5 years later, here I am, and going strong! My colleagues are always there to help me, no matter what. Now, I am in that situation, I am trying to help new colleagues to learn, and to adapt because I remember how much that helped me and how grateful I am – especially at the beginning.

What is your biggest failure and what did you learn from it that has helped you achieve success? 

There is not one thing that I remember, especially calling it a big failure. There were, of course, but they were only lessons that helped me to grow and improve myself. 

What is your favorite benefit of working with Authority Partners that has contributed to your success?

My favorite benefit of working at Authority Partners is remote work. My colleagues are from different countries, continents, and time zones and I have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures. 

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out in your field and wants to achieve success like you have? 

Be brave! “Too late” does not exist! If you really want it, you can make it. But of course, be prepared to study a lot, every day you learn something new.

What is one accomplishment or achievement that you are working towards in the next year? And, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I was recently promoted to Scrum Master Team Lead and this position brings a lot of new responsibilities. My goal is for the Scrum Masters in my team to be happy with their position and to help them improve themselves and grow. 
About the ice cream, I am not a huge fan.

Ooops haha. But if I really want to eat one, it would be from “Egipat” patisserie in Sarajevo which serves their famous caramel ice cream made with butter. To translate in English, it’s called Egypt.

  • Ivana as a book: Any book from Dan Brown 
  • Ivana as an animal: A bird 
  • Ivana as a movie: Probably some kind of Wonder Woman  
  • Ivana as a historical figure: Staka Skenderova (the first woman teacher in Bosnia and Herzegovina who opened a school for girls. She was fighting for female education and equal rights.)