A Round of Applause for Emir Hidic

Meet Emir Hidic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a UX/UI Designer at Authority Partners, who blends both functionality and aesthetics in his creations. His day at Authority Partners is a fusion of collaboration, innovation and continuous learning – from brainstorming sessions to refining designs and staying ahead of industry trends. Emir plays a significant role in producing creative and engaging user interfaces.  

Can you walk us through a day in the life of Emir Hidic at Authority Partners?  

My days at Authority Partners involve collaborating with teams, refining designs and staying ahead of industry trends. I start by reviewing design projects, engaging in brainstorming sessions and iterating designs based on feedback. Crafting designs and industry research are integral parts of my day.  

Share a moment when you felt your expertise truly made a difference in a project’s success.  

I made a significant impact on a project by redesigning a driving-education platform. Through user-centered design principles and research, I improved user satisfaction and efficiency.  

We all encounter roadblocks in our professional journeys. Can you tell us about a time when you turned a challenge into an opportunity?  

When faced with conflicting client preferences for a web-app redesign, I turned it into an opportunity for collaboration. By facilitating workshops and design sprints, we aligned expectations and delivered a successful project.  

In a rapidly evolving industry, what innovative approach or tool are you most excited about using in your work?  

I’m particularly excited about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in UX/UI design. The potential of these technologies to analyze user behavior, customize experiences and enhance design processes is enormous. Using AI-driven insights, we can develop more effective, customized solutions that generate a strong emotional connection with users.  

What’s your favorite benefit of working with Authority Partners, and how has it positively impacted your career?  

One of my favorite benefits of working at Authority Partners is its work culture and the emphasis on continuous learning and professional development. The company provides ample opportunities for training, certifications and attending industry conferences, which have been instrumental in expanding my skillset and staying ahead of emerging trends. Additionally, the supportive culture brings positive collaboration and encourages consultants to share knowledge and experiences, helping us grow both personally and professionally.   

If you could collaborate on a dream project with anyone, alive or historical, who would it be and why?  

I would love to collaborate with Steve Jobs on a project because of his visionary approach towards design and innovation.  

Beyond your professional accomplishments, what’s one thing that keeps your passion alive and well outside of work?  

Outside of work, travel, meeting new people and learning new things about the world we live in is what keeps my passion alive. Exploring new destinations and capturing moments through listening to others energizes and inspires me, complementing my profession as a UX/UI designer.  

  • Emir as a book: The Alchemist, – by Paulo Coelho
  • Emir as an animal: An elephant 
  • Emir as a movie: The Pursuit of Happiness 
  • Emir as a historical figure: Leonardo da Vinci