A Decade of Supporting the Bosana Foundation

Social responsibility is one of our core values, so it is our mission to put our organizationā€™s energy, knowledge, and hearts at the service of the community. Our collaboration with the Bosana foundation started in 2012 and we have been an ongoing supporter ever since.

The Authority Partners Team Stories- Zakir Ahmad Shah

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Zakir Ahmad Shah

This year’s first Team Story comes from the fifth most populous country in the world, Pakistan, but that is not the most exciting fact about this beautiful country. Zakir Ahmad Shah, a Software Developer, and Team Lead at Authority Partners.

The Road Ahead – Authority Partners 3.0

We closed one chapter that was 3 years long and introduced a new one, something that we call Authority Partners 3.0. It comes as the result of AP natural evolution and maturity fueled by constant growth and development.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Filip Kristo

In the last month of this year, we had the pleasure of meeting Filip Kristo from the Republic of Croatia, a Software Developer and a Team Lead at Authority Partners. Read on to hear more about Filip and Croatia, his role in AP; how does AP support your professional development and career, which cutting-edge technologies he is excited about, what makes a person successful in AP in his opinion, and many more.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Merima Ceranic

Get yourself comfortable and learn directly from AP consultant’s experience. This month we bring you an inspiring story from Merima Ceranic, Software Developer at AP. She will describe her journey from AP Lab trainee to AP consultant, her experience on the AP approach to career development, and team support and many more.