AP Lab Interns – Leaders of a Better Future

After 16 weeks of the Cloud Masters Program, the AP team welcomed all 29 trainees to the AP Technology Center Sarajevo where they will continue to support them in developing IT careers and building them to be leaders of a better future. Our interns have a ticket to dreams coming true, and shall always walk the glory road.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Gjorgji Grgovski

This month we bring you a story from Macedonia and Gjorgji Grgovski, Program Architect and Software Developer at AP, who will share more exciting things about his homeland and his most memorable moments in AP. In addition, he will talk about his biggest challenge that proved to be a blessing, reveal which Architect he looks up to the most, and much more.

We Continue to Grow Exploring New Perspectives and Opportunities

On Thursday, March 24, Authority Partners (AP) celebrated three significant anniversaries: 24 years of the company’s incorporation in the United States and the start of global business, 17 years of the opening of the AP Technology Center Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the second anniversary of the establishment of the AP Technology Center Istanbul.


A Decade of Supporting the Bosana Foundation

Social responsibility is one of our core values, so it is our mission to put our organization’s energy, knowledge, and hearts at the service of the community. Our collaboration with the Bosana foundation started in 2012 and we have been an ongoing supporter ever since.