Meet Ubaid Imran, from Karachi, Pakistan, who started as a senior quality assurance engineer and web developer and ended is now a database analyst and business intelligence specialist at Authority Partners. 

This enthusiastic IT professional explain to us how he would be happy to read about new technologies for the rest of his life!

Read on to learn more about Ubair, his interests, the most helpful feedback he ever got and much more!

AP: Ubaid, tell us more about yourself.

UI: My name is Ubaid Imran. I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I have three kids, two sons and one daughter. I have interests in Politics, Geography and Sports, mostly Cricket. After starting as a senior quality assurance engineer and web developer, I ended up being a database analyst and business intelligence specialist. But you can’t predict where life will lead you. Wanting to be a fighter pilot in childhood and ended up in the Information technology Industry. So you make some plans and there are plans made for you in the heavens! 

AP: What would you recommend we don’t miss if we were to visit your country?

UI: Pakistan offers arguably the world’s best food and Biryani is one of the best dishes you can enjoy here! Pakistan is the home of many ethnicities, cultures and landscapes. In addition, it hosts the world’s highest mountains and beautiful seashores. So the options are pretty wide!   

AP: What are your preferred programming languages? 

UI: As a database analyst, I mostly work on T-SQL (if it counts as a programming language). Other than that, I enjoy working in C# as a must-have tool! Python is my recent hobby because of the features and flexibility it offers. 

AP: What is something you’d be happy doing every day for the rest of your career?

UI: I would enjoy reading about new technologies and trends in the industry. Also, I could help other team members in any way possible and chat with them on topics other than work!

AP: What elements are necessary for a successful team, and do you find them in the Authority Partners team?

UI: Respect, communication and skills! I find Authority Partners’ culture best in this regard. People here are amiable and humble. Despite being the best in the business, they’re being respectful to others and accommodating.  

AP: What is the most helpful feedback you’ve ever gotten about yourself?

UI: My Team Lead told me he found other career opportunities outside our company and believes I can replace him in his current duties. The trust he showed in my skills and abilities was something that lifted me up and boosted my self-confidence!

AP: How have you forged new contacts and relationships while working in the Authority Partners global team?

UI: Authority Partners is a global resource pool, and interacting with people from other parts of the world and cultures is always interesting. Although there are noticeable differences, it is surprising to see all the similarities among cultures. The conclusion is that we all are humans and have almost the same preferences for life.  

AP: How do you overpass the low drive day? 

UI: By keeping closer to my family. It gives me satisfaction to see their happy faces. If I can contribute to their happiness, there is nothing more I can ask for!

AP: What’s the phone app you use most

UI: Twitter, because I want to keep updated with the latest news happening locally and worldwide!

AP: Do you have any advice for those planning to join the Authority Partners community?

UI: Make room for a few more Friends in your life!

AP: Thank you!