A Town Hall meeting is a traditional event that Authority Partners organizes twice a year uniting our global team from 30 countries around the world. 

On Thursday, January 19th, Authority Partners held its first annual Town Hall meeting. Our Town Hall is a unique opportunity for the global team to participate in semi-annual reporting and receive first-hand information about the company’s operations, growth, development, new strategic approaches and expected improvements. 

As part of this unique hybrid event, the Authority Partners family, which includes over 500 consultants in 30 countries across 5 continents, gathered in Sarajevo, Istanbul and Santo Domingo, with the rest of the global team joining via our online platform. 

In the opening speech, Maja and Erol Karabeg, the Founders of Authority Partners, expressed their gratitude to all those present for participating in the growth and development of their global vision of Authority Partners, emphasizing that 2023 marks 25 years since the company’s founding and work with companies and clients around the world: 

“We are celebrating 25 years of supporting companies and entrepreneurs around the world in realizing their business visions through the best technological solutions. From the very beginning, we realized that we wanted to be able to look back at any moment and be proud of the results of our work and the way we work. This milestone and our results are proof that we succeeded in that.” 

The past year has been extremely successful for Authority Partners. The increase in the number of global clients and revenue, an expanded and additionally strengthened team around the world, and the introduction of new benefits and opportunities for members of the diverse Authority Partners family, are only part of the great results achieved by our joint efforts in 2022. 

“We believe that our people are our greatest asset and that you are the essence of our business. Your efficiency and incredible talent determine the pace of our company’s growth. The success we have recorded, not only in the past, but all these years, is only the result of our collective, continuous hard work and dedication, filled with valued, happy and satisfied team members,” expressed Amina Karić, Vice President of Operations. 

The growth and development in all business aspects, employment of even more experts on the global map, creation of excellence in information technology solutions for client partners worldwide and employee satisfaction are part of our foundational goals for 2023. 

For 25 years, we at Authority Partners have been providing information technology solutions that have helped our clients become leaders in their industries. We have been partners in their growth, creating software solutions that deliver a clear competitive advantage.