In this months’ Team Story, our very own Business Analyst, Cemre Ceren Senyuz, guides us from Akhisar, small Turkish town well know for olive trees shaped by the stories of Anatolia, to the ancient and contemporary crossroad of civilizations, Istanbul.

Cemre told us more about her country, her early beginnings, things she love about her role and working at Authority Partners, ways of dealing with lack of motivation and what would she do if she had a super powers. World, meet Cemre!

AP: Let’s get to know you better, Cemre. Tell us a little about yourself.

CS: I was born and raised in Akhisar, a small town in Turkey that is famous for its olive trees. I’ve been living in Istanbul since 2014, the year I started my industrial engineering degree. To be honest, I cannot believe it but I’m 27 years old now. A grownup! But inside, I’m a person who keeps safe and cherishes the feelings that remind me of childhood.

AP: What do you wish everyone knew about Turkey?

CS: Turkey has a great cultural heritage formed by each civilization that has lived or is living on this land. I hope more people can see The Republic of Turkey as a beautiful, colorful country that is home to people who have so many dreams shaped by the stories of Anatolia.

AP: Can you tell us more about your role as a Business Analyst and what prompted you to pursue this career path?

CS: Business analysts define business problems via in-depth investigation and the of gathering technical and non-technical information from various stakeholders. When an issue is understood clearly, they document detailed requirements for a solution and ensure the delivered solution meets those business requirements.

When I heard about the business analyst role from my professor in college, I thought it would really suit my personality because a BA communicates with many stakeholders from different backgrounds, which helps a person learn how to approach an issue from diverse views. I believe this makes my job very satisfying because besides having a specialty, I have the opportunity to learn new things and new ways to solve problems every day.

AP: How did the onboarding process and mentorship program go for you in the first months?

CS: Even at the job interview stage, I never felt like an outsider. The Authority Partners team provided me with the support I was looking for every time I needed it. Regular meetings with both my mentor and team leader after starting the job made the onboarding period quite easy and enjoyable for me because meetings were not only about my job, but also about how my life was going and I really appreciated it!

AP: What would make a person successful in Authority Partners?

CS: I think people who can balance taking individual responsibility and working as part of a team will be successful at Authority Partners because while each of us puts our area of expertise on the table, we also act in harmony.

AP: What three qualities are essential for you in a job?

CS:I prefer that the corporate culture supports the development of its employees in many areas, that the company can assign new responsibilities to employees according to their career planning, and that team members consist of people who work in a solution-oriented manner.

AP: If you could snap your fingers and instantly make the world better, what would you do?

CS: I’d stop human rights violations. Thus, everyone can live freely.

AP: Every once in a while, we experience a lack of motivation. How do you overcome these moments?

CS:Whenever I feel unmotivated, I remind myself to slow down and take a deep breath. Then I go on a walk to reset my mind.

AP: If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

CS: You will be a grownup eventually, don’t be so eager for the future to come quickly. Just enjoy your time.

AP: Do you have any advice to share with aspiring Authority Partners consultants?

CS:I think it’s better to have learning routines instead of end goals to gain new skills, which will support you in your career path.

CS: Thank you Cemre!