A Round of Applause for Katherine Sepulveda

Did you know that the act of applause, or clapping, has a long history that dates to ancient times? It’s a timeless way to show appreciation and recognition for someone’s hard work and achievements. And we love it! As an employer, we believe in celebrating the successes of our team members from all around the world. Today, we want to give a well-deserved round of applause to Katharine Sepulveda, our very own Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist from the Dominican Republic. 

During a recent conversation with us, Katharine shared what inspired her to pursue this career, how Authority Partners has impacted her growth and development, and even which animal she would be if given the chance!

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field and how did you get started?

I started working when I was 16 years old as a customer service representative at a call center. As I gained experience, I was promoted to leadership positions such as Team Supervisor, and that’s when I realized that I enjoyed working with people. After a few years, the project I was working on was canceled and I needed to transfer to other available projects in the call center, but none were of my interest. At the same time, the company was preparing for a massive job fair in another city, and I volunteered to help as the Talent Acquisition team needed more hands. It turned out that I went above expectations in the role, and it was visible that I enjoyed the experience. As a result, I decided to apply to a Talent Acquisition opening in the company, and ever since I have been working in Human Resources-related roles, with a focus on Talent Acquisition.

What is one project you worked on that you are particularly proud of and why? 

It’s hard to specify one specific project. I personally feel proud every time I can connect talent with an ideal project. Being able to fill a position means that we found an opportunity for someone who needed a new challenge, it also means we were able to help a team who needed an extra hand to meet deadlines – contributing to our company’s growth.

What is one thing that you have learned while working at Authority Partners that has had a significant impact on your career?

Something that has made a significant impact is the multicultural environment; it is amazing how easy it is to collaborate with people from other time zones and cultures while working remotely. Authority Partners is a well-structured company; it is a company that believes in teamwork and is inclusive and caring of others.

How does Authority Partners support your personal and professional development?

I started working as a Junior Talent Acquisition Specialist three years ago, I was the first remote consultant in the Talent Acquisition team. I was given the opportunity to be heard, to implement ideas and to learn from other colleagues. I was growing through constant feedback, transparent communication, teamwork and educational sessions. Today, I am a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist and Team Lead of our Latin American team.

What is your favorite benefit of working with Authority Partners?

My favorite benefit of working at Authority Partners is the remote work and the fact that we are a global team because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures.

What was a challenging experience or setback you’ve faced in your career, and what valuable lessons did you learn from it?

My biggest setback was throwing in the towel when things got rough, but with time I’ve learned that perseverance and consistency are key to a successful career.  

What is something that you are looking forward to in your career?

Continuous learning and growth, as well as continuous delivery of results with the same passion and excitement that I’ve had since the very beginning of my career.

Thank you, Katherine!

  • Katherine as a book: The Little Prince
  • Katherine as an animal: Dolphin
  • Katherine as a movie: Wonder Woman
  • Katherine as a historical figure: Minerva Mirabal (Dominican Activist)