A Round of Applause for Fiorella Rumori

Meet Fiorella Rumori from the United States, a talented Business Analyst at Authority Partners. Fiorella’s personality shines through various lenses – she is a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills, setting her apart and contributing to her outstanding professionalism. Her story is an inspiring testament to the power of growth and resilience in both personal and professional spheres.  

What is one success story from your experience with Authority Partners that you think is particularly unique? 

The fact that I am part of Authority Partners is my success story. I started in January 2023, and so far, being part of this amazing community has been a pleasure. I am surrounded by great professionals, an amazing work environment and best practices guidelines I have access to through detailed documentation. I am grateful that I can enjoy all those benefits and on top of that I can do it from the comfort of my home. 

In what ways has Authority Partners acknowledged or rewarded your achievements, and how has it contributed to your motivation to succeed even further? 

I periodically receive positive feedback about my work, which is highly appreciated, and keeps me motivated to do an excellent job and take pride in the projects that I am currently part of. 

What is the most memorable and impactful team accomplishment you’ve been a part of within your current team, and what made it special? 

There was a significant project that required careful consideration and analysis throughout its lifecycle. It was one of those big projects that can keep you anxious because there are many things that should be considered, especially when performing the analysis, likewise, through the entire lifecycle of the product. It was an innovative initiative; therefore, there are changes that come and go, but in the end, thanks to teamwork, the satisfaction to know it was a successful product in the production environment is everything. It gives you the cheerful feeling of ‘We did it!’ 

How do you overcome challenges in your daily work?

I consider myself a highly organized and analytical woman; these qualities help me to conquer all my daily activities by categorizing the items I need to deliver based on the priorities given to me. Also, I like to enjoy everything I do, and I put my heart in each of my deliverables. 

How has Authority Partners’ culture and/or benefits played a role in your personal and professional growth and success at the company?

I really liked the Mentorship program and the Industry Introduction meetings. When I started at Authority Partners, I was fairly new to the Financial Services vertical. My background is Health Insurance and Banking, but after a few meetings and a lot of questions that were kindly answered by other Authority Partners members working in a similar industry, I was ready for new challenges.  

What is one goal or achievement you’re striving for in the next five years? 

Personally, building a lasting family. I got married and my 1st year anniversary is in January along with my AP anniversary. Professionally, being a subject matter expert in the Financial Services industry, in addition to continuing to grow and learn from the people I work with and have been lucky enough to meet. 

  • Fiorella as a book: A coloring book 
  • Fiorella as an animal: A bunny cat mix 
  • Fiorella as a movie: The little mermaid  
  • Fiorella as a historical figure: I hope I don’t sound narcissistic; I’d say just me, I would like to achieve something noble in this life that I can be remembered for.