The Authority Partners Team Stories- Zakir Ahmad Shah

Our team of handpicked IT professionals is located in 33 countries and on five continents, and we all share the same passion for excellent IT solutions. Isn’t this great? This year’s first AP Team Story comes from the fifth most populous country in the world, Pakistan, but that is not the most exciting fact about this beautiful country. This is definitely a place for all lovers of nature and breathtaking landscapes. Pakistan is home to 108 peaks above 7,000 meters and home of five of the 14 highest independent peaks in the world. So feast your eyes on the pictures of the world’s highest peaks until you decide to visit them.

Now let’s meet Zakir Ahmad Shah, a Software Developer, and Team Lead at Authority Partners. Zakir says he is a workaholic and that he likes to finish things. He will share how he became interested in the IT industry, how his typical workday looks, and a few tips for all those who want to join AP and many more.

AP: Hi Zakir, tell us more about yourself.

ZS: My name is Zakir Ahmad Shah working as a WordPress Team Lead. I love working on WordPress and SEO-related Projects. I love hiking and traveling. I am a workaholic and love to get the job done. I love technology and love to learn about new technologies and adopt new tech in my life.

AP: How would you describe your country?

ZS: My country is the Land of opportunity and a piece of heaven on earth. The possibilities are endless, and the weather, people, and the landscape are amazing and worth enjoying. I would love to see innovation and acceptance of new technology as we adopt technology very late, keeping us behind the competition. I am working on guiding newbies, sharing my experience with them, and getting help from our local communities.

AP: What is your role in the AP, and can you walk us through your typical workday?

ZS: I am WordPress Team lead. I am managing the AP website and working on clients’ projects. I worked early morning and met with my teammates for new tasks and future projects. We shared ideas to get the job done in an effective way. I listen to technology-related podcasts and watch helpful videos to keep myself up to date with the tech world.

AP: What adjectives would you use to describe AP culture?

ZS: Easy to work and collaborative, helping and growing together. The AP team is supportive and helped me grow my abilities and learn new skills. In addition, there are numerous in-house training, workshops, etc., that enable you to interact and grow your skills.

AP: Have you forged new contacts and relationships while working in the AP global team?

ZS: I had a chance to work on new projects in my career, and I knew about great teammates and clients. However, until I joined AP, I never worked in a larger organization where teammates were on different continents. Meeting with teammates from other countries and learning about their culture and working style has changed my lifestyle and perspective of working online and still making good progress.

AP: What are you most excited about when it comes to new technologies?

ZS: New technology or gadgets enable new ideas and aspects of getting something better using the new tech. We can achieve more in less time if we adopt new technology and use this technology to make our lives better. So, I am excited about all new technologies.

AP: There is a once-a-while experience when we do not have motivation- How do you overpass the low drive day?

ZS: On such days, I do small tasks like washing dishes or cleaning my workspace, which helps me cool down. Sometimes I watch movies or inspirational videos to gain momentum and achieve something.

AP: Please finish the sentence. If I were not a Software Developer, I would be…

ZS: If I was not a Software Developer, I would be a Social Media Manager managing social media accounts of clients and projects that I am passionate about.

AP: Do you have any tips you’d like to share with those who are planning to apply for a job at AP?

ZS: I love my journey at AP. I can say that the team is collaborative and helping; the tasks are assigned within my abilities and scheduled in advance to work efficiently. I complete my assignments before the given deadline and re-check the tasks to ensure they work according to the requirements. Sounds great, right? If you ever got a chance of joining AP, Never give it a second thought.

AP: Thank you Zakir!