On Thursday, March 24, Authority Partners (AP) celebrated three significant anniversaries: 24 years of the company’s incorporation in the United States and the start of global business, 17 years of the opening of the AP Technology Center Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the second anniversary of the establishment of the AP Technology Center Istanbul.

The global 500+ strong AP family from five continents gathered to honor their successful journey at the online event. In his opening speech, Dalibor Marijanovic, Executive VP of Consulting at AP, addressed the successful overcoming of the challenges caused by the pandemic and the events in Ukraine, emphasizing that the company is dedicated to social responsibility and providing support to the AP team.

“This year, we celebrate 500+ strong. This is a huge milestone in our development. I am grateful to work with smart individuals from different origins. We all share the same passion for delivering excellent IT solutions, and same time we are learning from different perspectives, attitudes, and knowledge. Our ship is on the course. We are exploring new frontiers and seeking out new opportunities. I am honored to share my time with all of you,” said Dalibor.

Loyalty, a strong feeling of support and commitment, is a foundation of Authority Partners’ success. Consultants who have been part of the AP family for 10+ years received 5,600 USD in appreciation for their loyalty and contribution.

Traditionally the fourth Community Hero award has been awarded as a part of Authority Partners’ social responsibility and belief that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society. This year’s award recipient is the humanitarian association “Hand on Heart,” whose activities aim to assist socially vulnerable categories of society.

All our members are exclusively volunteers. What unites us all is the common goal and desire to provide support to people from low-income families and many other vulnerable categories on our society’s margins. I would like to thank you for the presented award and say that it means a lot to us that all our volunteers’ selfless work and effort are recognized in the local community”, shared Faris Gurda , a member of the board of directors at Hand on Heart.

Every year, AP has the honor to announce new AP Ambassadors, true representatives of the company’s culture, known for their loyalty, support, professionalism, knowledge, positivity, and enthusiasm. This time, Anesa Budim Kovac, Director of Operations at AP, awarded eight consultants with this prestigious title.

“AP Ambassadors are an essential part of our culture. They are our valuable partners in implementing, promoting and collecting feedback on important AP initiatives worldwide. AP gives Ambassadors a voice within the company, recognizes their influencer status, and allows them to be heard,” Anesa added.

In the closing speech, Maja and Erol Karabeg, AP Founders, address the AP community by congratulating and thanking everyone for being the protagonists of the AP story.

“I know that I can’t change the world considerably and in the way that I would like, but I like to believe that we make a world a little bit better place through our work and collaboration in AP. So let’s use the positive energy created through this event and share with people around us, “Maja added.

“We live through very challenging times politically, but I can’t help but look towards the future with great hope and excitement. By fate or accident, we are working in the best industry in the world, at the best time ever to do IT. Entrepreneurs and enterprises depend on us to realize their vision and change the world,” Erol concluded.

Authority Partners connects people globally, reducing prejudice and inequity. Erol closed the event on a high note with a message to keep learning and keep growing. Future looks exciting and hopeful for all of AP.

The AP team attended the AP anniversary from all around the world and five time zones. A great atmosphere filled the online room moderated by Boris Siber, actor and producer, who spiced up this special event.