Did you know that Armenia is among the 6 ancient countries with rich and unique heritage? Isn’t the fact that there are six UNESCO World Heritage Sites enough to start packing your bags to explore this beautiful and unique country.

In Armenia, you can find the oldest winery in the world, enjoy the 5,752 m long ride with a record-breaking car cable, and try their tasty food which is rarely served without huge piles of lavash, a delicious flatbread that is the cornerstone of Armenian cuisine.

Our colleague and Software Developer at AP, Vadim Alekseevski will share more about his country and a team he works with, his favorite thing about AP, which technologies excite him, and many more.

Let’s hear what Vadim has to share.

AP: Vadim, tell us more about yourself…

VA: Hi all, I am Vadim from Armenia. I am a mathematician and software engineer, and consequently, passionate about these two. I try to be as positive as possible, and people define me as such a person. I am always ready to hear a good joke and tell one. Besides that, I truly enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

AP: What are the must-see and must-do things in Armenia?

VA: Everyone visiting Armenia must try our unique traditional cuisine, especially “Khash.” Good company and fun are guaranteed because Armenian people are always motivated and interested in creating new connections. That is one side of the story; the other is hospitality. If there is a scale from 0 to “I can not believe this,” you won’t believe how hospital this nation is. Last but not least, you will truly enjoy visiting the ancient temples (more than 2000 years old) and churches in Armenia to feel the smell of history.

AP: What’s your favorite thing about AP?

VA: I would stand out for the excellent working environment and remote work. I can communicate with great people around the globe, and regarding remote work, I love it because it is optimal for me. I appreciate the benefit of not spending time on transportation jams.

AP: Who has had the biggest impact on your career choice?

VA: My grandfather was a scientist, and my parents are mathematicians and engineers. So it’s no wonder I’m a mathematician and an engineer today. I like to call us a scientist family.

AP: What are you most passionate about in the tech world?

VA: The possibilities of the tech world are endless. It is exciting that you can actually create innovative technology from scratch, make it accessible to millions of people by automating simple functions, and really have a huge impact on their lives. So I would say that everything about the tech world is interesting to me.

AP: What’s the phone app you use most?

VA: If I am not by my computer – coding, I spend time on banking and amazon apps. Sometimes I use messenger to talk to my friends and family.

AP: Describe your team in three words…

VA: Productive, because we always have a good outcome in everything we do. Harmonic, since everyone does their job on time and properly, and we can easily overcome challenges if we find them along the way to our goal. Caring is the last word since everyone is always eager to help if needed.

AP: Do you attend internal education sessions in AP?

VA: Yes, I participated in several technical sessions in AP, and I find them quite useful because talented engineers who work on technology research are being trained and presented with the best usable solutions. Even I did not participate in our Soft Skills sessions, it is definitely on my to-do list. I believe soft skills are as necessary as technical skills.

AP: Have you forged new contacts and relationships while working in the AP global team?

VA: Yes, I’ve met many people, and we are already friends. In general, the AP environment is amiable, and I enjoy forging new friends since the AP team is constantly growing and bringing the best people around the globe into our teams.

AP: Do you have any advice for aspiring AP consultants?

VA: Always try to work on yourself and learn about the new things as the understanding comes over time while gaining knowledge.

AP: Thank you Vadim!