Town Hall Meeting is often the primary vehicle for consultants to learn about company performance, strategies, and anticipated changes directly from the source, that is management. 

Mid-January is the time of our Annual Town Hall meeting where we summarize the results of the previous year and introduce the strategic objectives and goals for the upcoming period.

Today’s meeting was special in many ways – we closed one chapter that was 3 years long and introduced a new one, something that we call Authority Partners 3.0. It comes as the result of AP’s natural evolution and maturity fueled by constant growth and development.

In the last 3 years we achieved some remarkable results – we grew our AP team from 200+ consultants mainly based in the US and B&H, to 500+ consultants strong, located in the US, B&H, and Turkey, plus 33 countries around the world.

We almost doubled our revenue and the number of projects, and we increased the number of our client-partners by 62.5%.

Our management team is also bigger and more global. Our Directors, VPs, Head of R&D, and Officers come from 6 countries: USA, B&H, Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Egypt.

At a very high level, we are proud to say that our strengths are:

  • Individual and institutional knowledge that we possess. Today, across our company, we have more than 2000 years of collective professional experience.
  • Collaborative processes that enable us to successfully connect distributed cross-functional teams and remote clients.
  • Our global footprint. We go where the best talent lives, and we can work in our clients’ time zones.

We are excited about the road ahead of us. Our goals are ambitious, but we believe that anything less would be unfair to the abilities, talents, and potential of the Authority Partners people.

They say that the purpose of an organization is to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things! Based on our core values of Excellence, Growth, and Development, Stability, and Social Responsibility, we continue our mission of enabling AP consultants to create excellence in technology solutions, growing together with our clients on the path to success.

Go AP-i!