Strategic Planning

In the newest episode of AP Podcast, a special guest and friend of AP, Erica Olsen, CEO and Co-Founder of OnStrategy, joined Dino Beslic, CFO at AP, to talk about strategic planning and why your organization should do it. In this episode, Erica and Dino cover the dos and don’ts of strategy to guide you through the journey of planning and execution.

Leadership in Hybrid Times

In the new episode of the AP Podcast, we discuss the characteristics of successful leaders, how emotional intelligence is connected to them, how company values are relevant in professional life, how to achieve progress towards leadership, and more.

Women in Information Technology Sector

In this Podcast, Amina Karic, Vice President of Operations at AP, and Zerina Mandzo, Project Associate for IT Girls in B&H, are discussing reasons for the lack of women in the ICT sector, how do we shape one voice to fight stereotypes, how important is to engage in encouraging a change of attitude and behavior and more.

Helping Junior Developers to Grow

Is it better to hire people with built-in skills, Experts, or grow Junior Developers or both? Yes, we know this is a million-dollar question, but in this exclusive podcast, Dino Esposito and Mirano Galijasevic agreed to share their experience in this particular situation.

Scrum + DevOps, Better Together?

It’s time for the Season 3 premiere of the AP Podcast! We are opening this season with a deep dive into blending technology and business by supporting cross-functional and business-oriented teams working in today’s world. ‘Which one should we use, Scrum or DevOps?’. Does it really need to be a single-choice option, or we can do both?

AP Journey to the Next Level of Excellence and Growth

Let’s wrap this year up with a special edition podcast, with the Authority Partners founders, Erol and Maja Karabeg. You will learn how AP adapted business strategy according to changes in the information technology industry, why AP consultants place company culture as one of the top priorities, what is our founders vision for the next four years, and much more.