Sprint Goal: Key Element for Happy Scrum Team

Ioanna freely shares her experience on a sprint goal, a key element for a happy scrum team. In this podcast, Ioanna uncovers the importance of the Sprint Goal, how to set up the sprint goal, potential root causes of not having a sprint goal, and possible scenarios.


Quality vs Deadlines

In today’s massive software production, where time is sometimes more important than quality, we often forget how it can impact us. Given that software is everywhere now, small mistakes can have a tremendous impact, and should not be ignored.


Are Enterprises Agile for Agile?

Enterprises and large corporations have long been known as slow systems, rarely adapting change, or adapting it at a pace that it is almost invisible to see that things are changing. Software development, on the other hand, is a fast-paced environment, driven mostly by the daily improvements in technology.


DevOps Transformation

DevOps is another IT industry trend, and everyone wants to join no matter what. In the Authority Partners Podcast, we host Mustafa Toroman, Program Architect and System Engineer at AP, for a discussion about DevOps Transformation.


Cross-Functional Teams

In the AP podcast, we host Adnan Ahmethodzic, Software Architect at AP for a lively discussion on the cross-functional teams. A cross-functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal.