Trust the Machine: A Dialogue on AI Ethics and Data Security 


Join us in our latest podcast episode where we dive deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence, ethics and data security. Our hosts, Carlos Julio Tejada, Engineering Manager, and Dino Buljubasic, Head of Infrastructure, share insights on what inspired this crucial conversation and explore real-life examples of ethical dilemmas and security challenges in the world of AI. 


Dino Buljubasic is the Head of the Infrastructure department, leveraging extensive knowledge in security and infrastructure cloud systems to navigate the complex landscapes of technology. With a background in implementing and securing local and cloud environments, Dino is able to simplify complex (cyber) security concepts, making them accessible and understandable. His insights and hands-on experience in the field are instrumental in making sure our AI systems are secure and trustworthy. 

Carlos Julio Tejeda is an Engineering Manager, who skillfully manages multiple cross-functional teams. Prior to this managerial position, he established himself as a Software Architect, showcasing a deep understanding of system architecture and design. With over 19 years of experience in the tech industry, Carlos is committed to excellence and has a keen eye for optimizing development processes. Beyond his professional work, Carlos is an enthusiast of artificial intelligence, demonstrating a passion for staying informed of the latest advancements in this rapidly evolving field.  

Ready to unravel the mysteries of AI ethics and data security? Listen now and join the conversation!  

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.