Feedback Culture in AP

Our company culture is part of AP identity in many ways, so it’s essential to get it right. That’s why among excellent insights about AP Culture that you can find on our website, we decided to dive deeper into it with the AP Podcast.

The Importance of Negotiating

In the new AP Podcast episode, we are opening the topic about something we all do every day, but in different surroundings and atmospheres with one aim – to get a ‘Yes.’ We talk about ‘The importance of negotiating’ where we focus on business goals.

Aida podcast

Managing Client Expectations and Constant Changes

Aida focuses on how to manage client expectations and constant changes to ensure successful project delivery. She answers question such as where to start, where the team fits, how to ensure everybody is aware of the risks and how to manage it, are the scope changes or requirement changes considered as a risk, what to do if changes impact delivery time, costs, or quality, and much more.


How AP Lab Transforms Careers

In this episode we talk about AP Lab program’s benefits, who can apply, and application and selection processes. Kenan shares his personal experience with the internship and later employment and how much influence the AP Lab had on his professional development.


AP Culture: How to Know if We Are a Match?

We are kicking off this year with a topic about AP Culture where Hana Kocan Bibic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at AP, discusses why cultural fit is essential and how to know if you are a match. During this podcast, we talk about AP culture, define it, go through how we assess cultural fit while being careful of potential risks and mistakes, and share some advice for anyone who is included in the hiring process in AP.

Emir greg-AP

College Admissions Process in the US/the Future of Education

Founders of Artis talk about the college admissions path to build an Artis application. Admission rates for colleges and universities in the US have dropped significantly over the past 10-20 years. Many students accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to find no return on investment. It’s time for disruption, and it’s time for Artis to change the way we view education.