Happy, Healthy Programmer!

In this episode, we deep dive into four pillars: proper nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and stress control. In addition, we discuss how to respect your body, what we eat and what eats us, diet mentality, and the digital hangover phase that you might even be experiencing right now.


Emotional Intelligence from Business Analyst Perspective

Be diligent! The world is changing so fast, and although soft skills are fundamental for our role, we have to be up to speed with new technologies. We are very excited to provide an insight into this topic from a Business Analyst perspective.

Feedback Culture in AP

Our company culture is part of AP identity in many ways, so it’s essential to get it right. That’s why among excellent insights about AP Culture that you can find on our website, we decided to dive deeper into it with the AP Podcast.

The Importance of Negotiating

In the new AP Podcast episode, we are opening the topic about something we all do every day, but in different surroundings and atmospheres with one aim – to get a ‘Yes.’ We talk about ‘The importance of negotiating’ where we focus on business goals.

Aida podcast

Managing Client Expectations and Constant Changes

Aida focuses on how to manage client expectations and constant changes to ensure successful project delivery. She answers question such as where to start, where the team fits, how to ensure everybody is aware of the risks and how to manage it, are the scope changes or requirement changes considered as a risk, what to do if changes impact delivery time, costs, or quality, and much more.