Unleashing the Power of Dynamics 365


Join us for an exciting episode of the Authority Partners podcast, where we dive into the limitless potential of Dynamics 365. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Onela Pilipovic, a seasoned Senior Account Executive, and Goran Lazic, a highly skilled Dynamics 365 Senior Program Architect, this podcast is your go-to resource for unlocking the full power of Dynamics 365 and revolutionizing your business.

In this episode, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Dynamics 365 and its incredible benefits for businesses of all sizes. We’ll delve into its key features and capabilities, exploring how it can streamline your sales processes, enhance customer service and supercharge your marketing efforts. We’ll also uncover the customization and configuration possibilities that allow you to tailor Dynamics 365 to your business needs and its ability to support industry-specific requirements such as healthcare, financial services and manufacturing.


Goran Lazic is a Dynamics 365 Architect with over 12 years of experience in the field. Currently working as a Consultant and Senior Program Architect at Authority Partners, Goran is responsible for providing technical expertise and overseeing the architecture of Dynamics 365 implementations. He has a strong background in designing, implementing and optimizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for various organizations. Goran’s expertise lies in leveraging the capabilities of the solution and integrating it with the broader Microsoft ecosystem to deliver customized and efficient solutions.

Onela Pilipovic is a Senior Account Executive at Authority Partners. With a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and certification as a Project Management Institute (PMI) member, she excels at building new client relationships and delivering innovative IT solutions. Onela’s leadership style focuses on open communication and strategic problem-solving. She shares responsibility for success and provides guidance to her team while managing high-level needs. Her charisma, drive and passion inspire those she works with, and she is committed to excellence in increasing sales and improving organizational performance.

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of Dynamics 365? Don’t miss out on this exciting journey of discovery and transformation. Tune in to “Unleashing the Power of Dynamics 365” and embark on a new era of success for your business.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.