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As a seasoned expert with proven track record of successfully delivering complex IT projects, Carlos shared his insights and experiences on how artificial intelligence is transforming the IT industry, the challenges it brings and how businesses can take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Let’s CLAP for Kyle McClellan!

Another month, another round of applause for the exceptional consultants at Authority Partners! This month, we want to spotlight Kyle McClellan, a Texas-based consultant. Originally from Ohio, Kyle has brought his expertise and commitment to our Texas team, delivering remarkable results for our clients. Let’s take a moment to recognize Kyle’s journey and personal achievements, as he shares his story with us.

Transform Your Data into Knowledge with GPT for Enterprise Data

Introducing Authority Partners’ GPT for Enterprise Data capability, which harnesses generative AI technology to revolutionize both customer support and knowledge retrieval and creation scenarios. Learn how our tailor-made AI solutions bolster user engagement, maintain high NPS, and streamline document search and generation processes, dramatically enhancing productivity, and thus unlocking your business’s true potential.

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture is more than just a design pattern, it’s a philosophy that can transform the way software is developed. It is a powerful tool for software developers that prioritizes code organization, enabling it to be flexible and scalable as business requirements evolve over time. By emphasizing the separation of concerns, independence of frameworks and platforms, and testability of code, Clean Architecture helps developers create a codebase that is maintainable, adaptable and easy to test.

Who better to guide us through this fascinating topic than two top-notch IT industry experts, Steve Smith and Mirano Galijasevic.

Let’s CLAP for Katherine Sepulveda!

Did you know that the act of applause, or clapping, has a long history that dates to ancient times? It’s a timeless way to show appreciation and recognition for someone’s hard work and achievements. And we love it! As an employer, we believe in celebrating the successes of our team members from all corners of the world. Today, we want to give a well-deserved round of applause to Katharine Sepulveda, our very own Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist from the Dominican Republic.

Cloud Migration Roadmap: A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach

Cloud migration offers benefits like scalability, agility, reliability, cost optimization, security, and access to advanced technology. However, challenges such as migrating large databases, maintaining data integrity and security, ensuring business continuity, avoiding cost overruns, and ensuring interoperability and portability must be considered. Choosing the right migration strategy depends on factors like the nature of applications and data, level of control required, urgency, and available budget/resources.

Feedback Culture: The Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

In this podcast, Talent Management specialists Mirna Dajanovic and Vedrana Biberovic explore the importance of feedback culture in organizations. Feedback culture is a crucial component for growth and development, yet people often struggle with giving and receiving feedback. In this episode, Mirna and Vedrana provide valuable insights on the benefits of giving and receiving constructive feedback, how to give feedback effectively and the importance of specificity when doing so.
We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches and what the perfect ratio of manual to automation testing might be.

Striking the Balance: Finding the Perfect Ratio of Manual to Automation Testing

Automated testing is a powerful tool that can boost efficiency and effectiveness in software testing. However, it is important to keep in mind that manual testing is complementary to automated testing, as it finds problems from the viewpoint of the user or unanticipated bugs from unplanned scenarios. This blog assesses the key differences between manual and automated testing, the importance of both methodologies in software testing and how they can be successfully combined.

The Authority Partners Team Stories: Arensa Koci

Meet Arensa, a highly motivated and passionate individual from Albania with a background in computer engineering. Arensa has a keen interest in technology and project management, which led her to switch careers and focus on managing tech teams. She we will discuss her approach to dealing with challenges, how she seeks and integrates feedback, the crucial skills for success in her position as a Scrum Master, and the benefits of working for Authority Partners, among other topics.

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