A Round of Applause for Stefanija Popovska

July’s spotlight is shining bright on Stefanija Popovska, an exceptional Software Developer representing North Macedonia at Authority Partners!

Stefanija’s journey in the IT field has been fueled by her dedication to personal growth and continuous learning. At Authority Partners, she thrives in an environment that supports her career aspirations and recognizes her accomplishments. From achieving milestones to celebrating team successes, Stefanija embodies the spirit of collaboration and balance. Her story is truly inspiring!

Join us in applauding Stefanija for her incredible journey and commitment to creating excellence.

What is one project or accomplishment that you are most proud of during your time at Authority Partners, and how did it impact your career? 

The most significant accomplishment during my time at Authority Partners is the progress I’ve made in my career. It has been like an ongoing “project” that has greatly contributed to my growth as an individual in the IT field. Working with an amazing team, I have learned a lot and become a better and more capable person. I appreciate Authority Partners for recognizing my strengths and creating an environment that supports personal and professional development.


What is one way that Authority Partners has supported or recognized your successes and achievements?

One of the ways Authority Partners acknowledges and values my achievements is by recently promoting me to the role of Team Lead. This promotion serves as a testament to the company’s confidence in my abilities and signifies that my contributions have been recognized and appreciated. It is a gratifying acknowledgment that validates that the work I have been doing aligns with the company’s vision and goals. This recognition further motivates me to continue striving for excellence and making a positive impact within the organization.


What is your favorite team success story? 

Among the various experiences I’ve encountered, one particularly memorable moment was during a challenging week characterized by tight deadlines. Despite the pressures, our team successfully met those deadlines, and to celebrate our accomplishment, we gathered together for a casual evening of beer and a friendly game of chess. This experience created a perfect balance between my personal and professional life, fostering a sense of camaraderie and highlighting the importance of taking moments to unwind and enjoy the company of colleagues outside of work. It served as a reminder that even in the midst of demanding projects, finding moments of relaxation and connection can greatly contribute to a positive work environment.


What is one skill or strength that has contributed to your career success and how did you develop it?

Initially, I experienced a significant amount of stress as I relentlessly pursued perfectionism. However, I have since learned the value of taking small steps and embracing the notion that I do not have to know everything or achieve absolute perfection. By accepting that making mistakes is a natural part of growth, I have been able to shift my mindset from a need to possess all knowledge to a willingness to learn anything, at my own pace. This shift has alleviated much of the pressure I once placed on myself and has fostered a more positive and growth-oriented approach to my professional development.


What is your favorite benefit of working with Authority Partners that has helped you achieve success?

One of the most incredible aspects of my journey has been the opportunity to meet people from diverse corners of the world and immerse myself in their cultures. The experience of learning about their traditions, beliefs, and ways of life have been truly awe-inspiring. Not only has it broadened my perspective, but it has also enriched my personal life by allowing me to forge friendships with individuals from various corners of the globe. These global connections have expanded my network and provided me with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world we live in. It’s a constant reminder of the power of human connection and the beauty of our shared humanity.


What is one accomplishment or achievement that you are working towards in the next year? And, what is your favorite movie or TV show?

 I am constantly brimming with ideas on how to enhance my technical skills and expand my knowledge of new technologies. This ever-evolving wish-list of mine is quite extensive, with new items being added regularly. However, amid all these aspirations, there is one particular wish that has been occupying my thoughts for a while, and it holds a more personal significance to me. Being an avid runner and finding joy in the act of running, my desire is to participate in the Sarajevo marathon while proudly donning an Authority Partners shirt. The thought of combining my passion for running while representing the company I work for brings me a sense of excitement and fulfillment. It serves as a tangible goal that combines both my professional and personal interests, and I look forward to turning this aspiration into a reality in the near future.


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is striving for success in your industry, based on your own accomplishments? 

Being honest with ourselves about our strengths and areas for improvement is crucial in our personal and professional development. It is essential to embrace our strengths and actively work on improving our weaknesses. However, what I have come to realize is that the ultimate key to fulfillment lies in finding joy in the work we do. It is not solely about reaching a specific destination or achieving a particular goal, but rather about embracing and savoring the entire journey itself. When we derive happiness and satisfaction from the process, every step becomes meaningful and enjoyable. By finding joy in our work, we cultivate a positive mindset, fuel our motivation, and create a sustainable path toward long-term success and personal fulfillment.

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  • Stefanija as a historical figure: Aco Shopov, Macedonian poet