Authority Partners Architects' Summit 2023: AI as the Key Element in IT Industry Transformation

The Authority Partners Architects’ Summit 2023, an annual two-day event that has been showcasing the excellence and global presence of Authority Partners for seven years, launched on June 22 at the Technology Center Sarajevo.

This year’s Summit features 14 speakers who will present on a wide range of topics in the field of information systems architecture, with a focus on artificial intelligence and its role in transforming the IT industry. The event provides an opportunity for IT professionals from Authority Partners and client companies to exchange experiences, ideas and best practices in utilizing AI technologies in the design and construction of business systems.

During the opening ceremony, Erol Karabeg, President of Authority Partners, emphasized the importance of the Architects’ Summit and highlighted that this event represents an excellent opportunity for the professional growth and development of the gathered IT professionals.

“Our Architects’ Summit is a unique platform that brings together top experts from the industry to exchange knowledge and experiences, enabling the creation of innovative information systems,” expressed Erol Karabeg, Preside of Authority Partners. “This event reflects our commitment to high quality standards and continuous improvement. We are proud that this exceptional manifestation grows larger each year, covering increasingly high-quality topics.”

The gathering of consultants both in person and online from 30 countries, along with clients, year after year testifies to the company’s dedication to providing high-quality software solutions and consulting services worldwide.