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AP Lab Nurtures Talent for Real World Solutions

We know how important a formal education is to understanding fundamental principles in engineering and computer science. But we’ve also learned that hands on experience in a real-world IT programming and engineering environment is something they don’t teach at school! Find out how we’re helping recent graduates through our AP Lab training program. 

Program Managers and Project Managers: What’s the Difference?

In this blog we look at how Authority Partners is moving from a project management mindset to a product management mindset to improve IT development and delivery for our client partners. This new and innovative strategy represents a significant, yet complementary, change in approach for our engineers, designers, scrum leaders and consultants.

Products, Products, Products: A New Way of Looking at IT

The tools and techniques of software development have evolved steadily since SAP first opened its doors in 1972. Perhaps it’s time to change management perspectives as well. Switching to a product mindset allows you to link your core development work to mass users in far more ways than you originally intended.

Why CIOs Choose Authority Partners

A look at what sets Authority Partners apart from other IT development and consulting companies around the world, focusing on technological excellence and alignment with client business goals.

How AP Lab Creates Engineers?

Authority Partners Lab is program for young engineers seeking the first-hand experience in software development. The 16-week internship offers an opportunity to learn from the best and work with the latest technologies on exciting enterprise projects.


Authority Partners as Learning Organization

The benefits of being a learning organization are tremendous. In the first place, there is improved innovation that can’t be forced, but it can be fostered in the right environment. Some of the most successful companies in the world, and AP is one of them, achieved their status by creating a culture where employees have the time and space to learn, explore, and pitch their ideas.