A Walkthrough of a Swarming Adventure

In the fast-paced realm of IT, one of the utmost priorities is discovering efficient methods to address incidents, minimize downtime, and ensure the smooth functioning of the systems for which you are responsible. The Swarming Model, a revolutionary production support approach inspired by agile methodologies, not only accelerates issue resolution but also fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within teams. In this blog, we will delve into the details of the Production Support Swarming Model, its benefits, and how to successfully implement it.

The (Tech) Tale about an AI-Powered Children’s Storytime App

Step into the future of mobile technology as we share the extraordinary realm where artificial intelligence and traditional storytelling converge. We are excited to share this blog, mirroring our podcast episode. Join us as we explore the mesmerizing world of mobile applications that seamlessly combine AI with children’s stories, creating an unparalleled experience for young minds.

Tracing the Path to Today’s AI Marvels

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a source of fascination and inspiration. Its allure has permeated the realms of science fiction, academic research, and most recently, practical applications in everyday life. The dream of creating an intelligent machine can be traced back to antiquity, with myths and stories of artificial beings endowed with consciousness or intelligence. However, the formal inception of AI as we know it today began in the mid-20th century, catalyzed by the advent of programmable digital computers.

Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform Learning Initiative, Pilot!

Welcome to Abir’s blog series about Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement! In this series, Abir will explore the Dynamics 365 features, use cases, customization capabilities, development possibilities, integration functionalities and D365-related technologies such as the Power platform, Azure functions and much more.

Transform Your Data into Knowledge with GPT for Enterprise Data

Introducing Authority Partners’ GPT for Enterprise Data capability, which harnesses generative AI technology to revolutionize both customer support and knowledge retrieval and creation scenarios. Learn how our tailor-made AI solutions bolster user engagement, maintain high NPS, and streamline document search and generation processes, dramatically enhancing productivity, and thus unlocking your business’s true potential.

Cloud Migration Roadmap: A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach

Cloud migration offers benefits like scalability, agility, reliability, cost optimization, security, and access to advanced technology. However, challenges such as migrating large databases, maintaining data integrity and security, ensuring business continuity, avoiding cost overruns, and ensuring interoperability and portability must be considered. Choosing the right migration strategy depends on factors like the nature of applications and data, level of control required, urgency, and available budget/resources.