Striking the Balance: Finding the Perfect Ratio of Manual to Automation Testing

Automated testing is a powerful tool that can boost efficiency and effectiveness in software testing. However, it is important to keep in mind that manual testing is complementary to automated testing, as it finds problems from the viewpoint of the user or unanticipated bugs from unplanned scenarios. This blog assesses the key differences between manual and automated testing, the importance of both methodologies in software testing and how they can be successfully combined.

Program and Project: Implementing a Governance Framework

You’ve got 10 projects managed by three different team leads. How do you create a governance framework that provides a senior manager or director with the kind of information and high-level overview and program health they need to understand if program goals are being met? In this blog we explore how Authority Partners has put to use an innovative blend of tools to provide a solution to this persistent challenge.

Celebrating 25 Years of Authority Partners!

Maja and Erol Karabeg are the founders and company officers of Authority Partners. They met in Mostar, their hometown, working in IT, and then immigrated to the United States 28 years ago. They started building Authority Partners 25 years ago, from a small team to an over 500-strong, global consulting and custom software development company. With offices on three continents and consultants working on-site and remotely worldwide, Maja shares her thoughts about the past year and their hopes and aspirations for Authority Partners’ continued success and excellence at the start of 2023.

Scrum, Maturity, Adaptation and W.O.W.

Like most software development companies around the world, at Authority Partners, the Scrum framework is an important part of the way we work. In this blog we take a look at how, after 24 years in business, we’ve adapted and built upon Scrum, developing mature work processes that better serve the needs of our workforce and deliver innovative business solutions to our clients.

How Much Power Can You Put in Power BI?

With Microsoft’s off-the-shelf business intelligence software Power BI, Authority Partners has an invaluable tool that lets us mine for insights and generate forecasts. For program managers in particular, Power BI improves processes and the efficiency of our day-to-day activities. We use it to fine-tune the way we work so we can deliver better, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

A.I. and Blog Writing – Assistive not Creative Yet! 

At Authority Partners, our consultant Khurram Sultan is working on ways of integrating A.I. technology into the innovative business solutions our 500+ global team offer our international clients and partners. In this blog he discusses some of the key aspects of A.I. and machine learning and how they are being used with the assistive blog writing technologies that are now increasingly available across the internet.