Building Culture or Why We Still Love Mondays  

In this blog, Authority Partners’ Global Brand Manager & Communications specialist talks about the dynamic work culture at the organization and how our core values and diverse, international workforce contribute to delivering cutting-edge and cost-effective IT solutions for our business partners and clients around the world.

First KPIs, and then OKRs. Right? 

Finding new and innovative approaches to the work that we do is part of our DNA at Authority Partners. In this blog we explore how our product management strategy focuses on objective and key results (OKRs) that add value and build upon our existing program/project-based approach. We believe that implementing these two processes together will maximize our ability to develop world-class technological solutions for our clients and partners.


ARM Deployment Insights: Preview the Effects of Your Deployments 

In our latest blog, brought to you by Admir Sahbaz, Program Architect, learn how to do a pre-deployment impact assessment and verify if changes projected to be made by your #AzureResourcesManager (ARM) template match your expectations without actually applying those changes.

AP Lab Nurtures Talent for Real World Solutions-small

AP Lab Nurtures Talent for Real World Solutions

We know how important a formal education is to understanding fundamental principles in engineering and computer science. But we’ve also learned that hands on experience in a real-world IT programming and engineering environment is something they don’t teach at school! Find out how we’re helping recent graduates through our AP Lab training program. 

Program Managers and Project Managers: What’s the Difference?

In this blog we look at how Authority Partners is moving from a project management mindset to a product management mindset to improve IT development and delivery for our client partners. This new and innovative strategy represents a significant, yet complementary, change in approach for our engineers, designers, scrum leaders and consultants.