Authority Partners’ Annual Celebration

In December we hosted the Annual Authority Partners (AP) event for our external partners and media as a way of expressing gratitude to the community. This year was outstanding and full of success, both on a global level and for our Technology Center Sarajevo. In a few months, Authority Partners Technology Center Sarajevo will celebrate our 15th anniversary, which also happens to coincide with one of its most successful years in the BiH market.

This year we have reached an important milestone of 300 consultants who work globally on five continents, across 13 time zones, and put in 10,000 developing hours per week.

After its first year of doing business in Sarajevo, we had only four consultants, but over the next seven years this number increased to 100 consultants with various work profiles. Today, Authority Partners not only employs 300+ consultants, but also has a extensive network that includes different non-profit activities, which fosters with the goal of investing in skills capital and providing knowledge for the community. Another important activity is the AP Lab - Talent and Innovation Center which facilitates team projects designed to transfer knowledge to young IT enthusiasts and is aimed at anyone who is already working in IT, or those who might be considering a profession in this field.

Bringing up future generations, in the sense of educating and teaching concrete skills, is not an easy intervention to make, but it is a serious mission to have young and talented people’s interests in mind, and to educate them to become part of an industry that is changing and progressing. The experts we engage with as lecturers in the AP Lab are the best one can find on today’s knowledge market. We consider working with young people an obligation rather than an option,” says Amina Karić, VP of Operations at Authority Partners.

At the beginning of 2020, we affirmed our status as an industry leader by announcing that we would be welcoming a special guest, Dino Esposito, for a two-day event (Jan. 31 and Feb. 1). This world-famous artificial intelligence expert has 10,000 coaching hours under his belt, has presented at more than 500 conferences, and has written 20 books and over 1,000 articles. He is also a fiction author and game scenario writer.

Given its tremendous success in 2019, Authority Partners Technology Center Sarajevo has raised the bar for 2020, which is great news for the country’s overall economic outlook.


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