Why CIOs Choose Authority Partners

Dino Beslic, Chief Financial Officer @ Authority Partners

What sets Authority Partners apart from the other IT development and consulting companies around the world? Our technological excellence would be one place to start and our alignment with our clients’ business goals would be another.

But in our 25-year history, from our humble beginnings in a home office in California to our now 500+ consultants in multiple locations around the world, the most powerful source at our disposal are the referrals and positive endorsements we get from the clients we work with.

In the world of business, referrals are the organic connections that matter most. They are more significant than a marketing pitch or an advertising campaign, because they can’t be bought, they have to be earned – going above and beyond – by delivering the business outcomes that generate clear value and positive results for clients and partners.

At Authority Partners, we constantly demonstrate our skills to help grow sales, improve profitability and increase engagement for our clients. We are an ally that understands the problem, builds and delivers the software and is focused on generating positive outcomes.

The power of our technological expertise and know-how has enabled us to set ourselves apart. Through our thought leadership and ability to solve complex problems, we occupy a unique space in the industry – an international IT firm with the skillset and expertise to operate at scale and do the heavy lifting involved in seeing through complex enterprise projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of global, time-zone aligned consultants and engineers enables us to maintain a very close, client-centric relationship driven by a customer success focus across all the domains where we provide service. We’ve cultivated relationships with clients based on mutual respect and through the world-class reputation of our IT architects, engineers and business consultants.

IT Expertise, Coupled with Broad Domain Knowledge

Understanding business processes is a critical element in delivering effective IT solutions to clients. Though we have a very long and storied history working in the mortgage industry, we now partner with clients in many sectors, including energy, insurance, flexible workspace, dental and medical, pharmaceutical, and more recently education, partnering with a US-based educational provider to develop franchising software.

Our domain knowledge in the insurance and mortgage sectors is significant, but in our line of business, IT technical knowledge is the most important thing. With the expertise we have available across our teams of consultants and IT architects, we are able to come up to speed on the intricacies of a business’s process quickly.

We can also harness enough people and specialized teams to quickly scale up when necessary, dedicating 50, 100 or even more experts from our teams in the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our global footprint and ability to provide time-zone alignment with our customers ensures that our clients are dealing personally with vital Authority Partner IT engineers and architects from initial design, development, implementation, to post-implementation support.

Global Footprint & Nearshore Delivery

In the early 2000s with the growth of  south and east Asia outsourcing, it soon became apparent to companies that working on intricate and sophisticated IT projects with engineers and architects in non-overlapping time zones was not exactly agile. Trading overnight emails and lobbing information over a fence allowed small misalignment to snowball into a big drain of time and money.

The task of resolving a simple issue with a quick phone call was difficult (if not impossible) if the client was in bed when IT engineers and architects got to work at the other end of the world.

We realized that the ability to solve issues over a quick conversation was crucial. Time zone overlap was the solution. With our global footprint, we can find engineering teams and architects in whatever geography best suits our clients’ needs – allowing for significant workhours overlap with any of our clients, anywhere in North America or Western Europe. Nearshoring rather than offshoring has been a boon to our clients and partners who appreciate the efficiencies that come with real-time, agile collaboration.    

Value for Our Clients and Partners

For 25 years, we at Authority Partners have been providing IT solutions that have helped our clients become leaders in their industries. We have been partners in their growth, creating software solutions that deliver a clear competitive advantage.

Our technical excellence and our commitment to delivering on budget and on time is not only a value proposition, but also a part of a reputation we are extremely proud of. We are partners who help deliver business outcomes.

We are Authority Partners.

To learn more about how we can help your business, please reach out to us here or via email at hello@authoritypartners.com.