Latest Past Events

DevTalks Meetup – Terraform for Developers

Tershouse Kolodvorska 5, Sarajevo

Authority Partners' DevTalks Meetup is back!  For November's session "Terraform for Developers," we will be joined by Burak Bolek and Adnan Softic, two experienced software developers and Authority Partners consultants. […]


Bridging the Gap: Grasping Opportunities in the IT industry

Authority Partners Bridge - Eiffel Bridge Skenderija Skenderija, Sarajevo

The world is experiencing a 15-year low in an ongoing talent shortage. Talent acquisition professionals are facing many changes because of the “Great Resignation” and numerous global events that have shaken the […]


Dev Talks Meetup – Introduction to Terraform

AP LAB Mula Mustafa Baseksije 6/5, Sarajevo

In September 2019, we organized our first Dev Talks Meetup. So far, we have brought together hundreds of IT professionals around the globe to discuss diverse and interesting topics, share […]