July marked the end of our spring AP Lab session, the first-ever to be held online. After 16 weeks spent learning and working, we are happy to announce that 14 of the 18 AP Lab trainees got employed at Authority Partners. Way to go!

We asked Sanida Djumisic, one of the AP Lab trainees, to share her thoughts with us:
“This internship was a very interesting experience for all of us, especially that it took place during the pandemic and that everything was, from the beginning to the end, online. But that didn’t stop us from getting to know each other and to make new friendships. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to listen to our AP Lab Mentor, trying to teach us something new every day. I gained a bigger picture of programming, got acquainted with the various important positions within the company. I improved my knowledge of databases, learned Angular, and got a chance to work on big projects that raised my confidence.”

AP Lab is truly an embodiment of hard work and learning being rewarded. Our former AP Lab trainees, now Senior Software Developers and Software Architects at AP, will be mentoring their new colleagues and guiding them through the IT Industry. They will have the chance to work with some of the best IT experts and cutting edge technology.

“At AP Lab, I learned and gained experience working in the IT world. The internship curriculum was very well designed, and it involved all the aspects of software development, including backend, frontend, and testing and DevOps. Under the mentorship of Rihad Šeherac, I did not only learn how to code but how to be an efficient programmer, precise, and prone to problem-solving. During the AP Lab, I could get the sense for the working environment in the IT company, teamwork, and scrum methodologies.” said Hana Hadzo Mulalic, now Quality Assurance Analyst at AP said about the AP Lab.

Sanida also said, “I am very grateful that I can continue growing in AP community and improve my knowledge.” We are looking forward to welcoming many more AP Lab trainees to share the knowledge and grow together.