Travel the World with AP Team

Authority Partners is a global company with a multi-cultural team spread across five continents and 33 countries. There are many different ways to travel around the world, and for now, a regular traveling experience just won’t cut it. The impact of COVID-19, on the other hand, leaves us room for creativity, and this is something that the AP team certainly does not lack. To mark UN World’s Cities Day, we invite you to travel with us through the AP team’s photos and stories.

As a socially responsible company, we like to mark UN Days because it allows us to reflect on various important topics for the community and society. World Cities Day 2020 is the seventh global celebration since the Day was launched on 31 October 2014 in Shanghai, China. Under the overarching theme of Better City, Better Life, the day aims to focus the international community’s attention on urbanization as a central issue for development and encourage cooperation among countries to meet opportunities and address urban challenges towards sustainable development.

Each year, a different sub-theme is selected to either promote urbanization successes or address specific challenges resulting from urbanization. This year’s sub-theme is Valuing our communities and cities. We hope you will find inspiration for your next journey from these 20 stories, where our global team shares what they value in their cities and communities.

Open your mind, grab a coffee, fill your heart with adventure spirit because we bring you stories and photos from all over the world. This is one of the great advantages of working in a global team.

Katherine from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“I love living in Santo Domingo because people are warm and caring, no matter what the situation is, people are always happy, smiling, ready to say good morning, and invite you for coffee. Here, people are known for being socially active, good dancers and go-getters.” – Katherine Sepulveda, Talent Acquisition Specialist at AP

David from Managua, Nicaragua

“There are many reasons why I love to live in Managua, the city I was born. There are many beautiful places like in any other place. They call it the land of lakes and volcanos, but what I love the most is the people, humble and very kind human beings, always smiling and with kind attitude, people who do not care whether you are a local or a foreigner they will treat you with respect and love. There is always a reason for celebration, loud music, dancing, and passion that comes with the Latin culture. You would love the warm weather and sandy beaches.” – David Isai Acuna Castro, QA Analyst at AP

Iryna from Kharkiv, Ukraine

“The feature of a place is determined by people who live there, not the number of business centers. I love the city I live in as it is determined by the atmosphere my family and friends make here.” – Iryna Sagaidachna, QA Analyst at AP

Evgeny from Moscow, Russia

“Moscow is a dynamic city and a pleasant place to live in. The modern transportation system, green park areas, balanced combination of classic and modern architecture. Also, there is so much to do in Moscow. The city is offering a wide range of activities and social events. Residents of the capital are friendly and open to new ideas about making this city the best place in the world.” – Evgeny Statkovskiy, Software Developer at AP

Mittal from Mumbai, India

“Mumbai is a city of hopes and dreams. As India is famous for its cultural diversity, you can witness all of it together in Mumbai. In its fast-paced life, humanity here also teaches you to be kind and helpful. Every Mumbaikar here has a story to inspire you, and once you have lived here, you will belong to it forever.” – Mittal Bhadra-Chandra, Software Developer at AP

Oscar from Cochabamba, Bolivia

“I love living in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The weather is great the entire year (no extreme cold nor hot) since we are located in a valley at 2553 meters above sea level. We have a lot of trees in the streets and several Park in the city to have recreation. The food here is delicious and not expensive. We have the best gastronomy in the country with 77 different delicious dishes to taste at any time of the day since the food places are opened 24 hours, and food is not expensive. We have small lakes in the city to go fishing or navigate by boat. We have one of the biggest Christ statues in South America (Cristo de la Concordia) located on a hill. Hence, families usually join to visit this place and have a panoramic view of the city. People here are nice, kind, friendly, and supportive, who support you when you need a hand. For these reasons and more, I love Cochabamba!” – Oscar Walker Tapia Merida, QA Analyst at AP

Besim from Rahovec, Kosovo

“I love Rahovec because of its breathtaking landscapes of vineyards and its honest and hardworking community!” – Besim Durguti, Software Developer at AP

Goran from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Well, that’s easy. The mixed styles of East and West architecture, combined with beautiful natural surroundings, mountains, and hills, make Sarajevo a place worth seeing. There is an old saying that says whoever visits Sarajevo once will come back again for sure. But more importantly, every city’s soul is in its people. And Sarajevo has a big soul. It has been proven many times, through good and bad days. From the Olympic games in ’84 to the aggression Sarajevo has experienced in the nineties. Our souls (people) are welcoming, always ready to help anyone in need, funny, and have a specific dark sense of humor. Sarajevo is a place where words cannot describe its spirit. But a visit can. Stay safe in this challenging time.” – Goran Bonic, System Engineer at AP

Ajeet from Mandi, India

“I am from a very small city Mandi, town, central Himachal Pradesh state, northwestern India. It lies along the Beas River north-northwest of Shimla, the state capital. I love the place as it is something that cannot be pinned down. I spent 17 years of my life in that place. Growing up those mountains, those crystal clear streams with underlying glistening stones, those shivering winter mornings, that pleasant warm winter sunshine, that chirping of birds, that invariably being close to nature most of the time of the day. One gets accustomed to them sooner or later, and if you are brought up there, then these things seem pretty usual.” – Ajeet Singh, Software Developer at AP

Gheorghe from Chisinau, Moldova

“I love my city and community here in Chisinau, first of because of people here being very nice and hospitable. Also, we have small country guarded from natural danger and with lots of forests and green space, and a lot of nice places to see.” – Gheorghe Bulicanu, Software Developer at AP

Mari from Yerevan, Armenia

“It is impossible not to love Yerevan. This ancient city dates back to 2,801 years. Yerevan is a city of contrasts – old yet modern, noisy yet quiet, imbued with the warm pink of tufa stones seasoned with the trees’ green. Yerevan is home to museums, art, live music, and cafes, but first of all, it is the people that make the city so special. Friendly, hospitable, and with a sense of humor, they can be ironic at themselves. This cocktail, topped with a cherry in the form of 300 sunny days, makes Yerevan an incredible city to live in and love.” – Mari Margaryan, QA Analyst at AP

Khaled from Cairo, Egypt

“Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is the third-largest and second-most populous city in Africa. The city of Cairo boasts varied cultures, social classes under a robust natural environment. In Cairo, you can see from the Great Pyramid of Giza (one of the seven world wonders), the tallest structures made by human hands, festivals, to one of the world’s oldest universities. Egyptians are really joyful and friendly. An Egyptian would always make jokes even in the hardest times. Cairo is an entertaining city where all humanity’s timelines are present at once.” – Kahled Attia, QA Analyst at AP

Aleksandr from Tartu, Estonia

“I love Tartu because it is a small town where you can find everything you need. It is one of the oldest cities in the Baltics and students’ capital, making the city atmosphere vivid and incredible. You can never be bored. Tartu is surrounded by nature, and it is a real deal for nature lovers and those who enjoy walking in the woods breathing fresh air with the scent of trees, or being surrounded by lakes or rivers.” – Aleksandr Savihhin, QA Analyst at AP

Stefanija from Bitola, Macedonia

“Bitola is a beautiful mountain town. If you want a smile and a good mood, here is the right place to be. If you are spending some time here, do not forget to drink the famous coffee on a “Shirok Sokak.” In the heart of the town, you can also see the famous Clock tower. This town is ideal for walks. You can’t get lost as everything is so close. But if winter is your time of year, do not forget to bring warm clothes because it can be really cold.” – Stefanija Popovska, Software Developer at AP

Fabio from Barretos, Brazil

“Barretos is located in the north-central São Paulo estado (state), Brazil. The city is famous for the state’s biggest cattle market and one of the world’s world’s largest annual rodeos; Barretos also serves an agricultural area producing citrus fruits and other crops. I love and value the community I live in because they don’t give up even with all the difficulties people have. They go to work every day to chase their dreams and to take care of their loved ones.” – Fabio Rodrigo Luz, Software Developer at AP

Fradique from Guatemala, Guatemala

“Guatemala is the largest city in Central America. The interesting fact is that the national bird lends its name to the Guatemalan currency, while Guatemala means “the land of many trees.” It is also home to the deepest lake in Central America. The country is known as “The Land of Eternal Spring” as we maintain comfortable temperatures almost all year. I love Guatemala because it is a beautiful and thriving country, mostly its people, as we are very warm and friendly.” – Fradique Salazar Lee, Software Developer at AP

Milan from Belgrade, Serbia

“My favorite part of Belgrade is my neighborhood Banovo Brdo. Being away from the city center always proves to be a good strategic point, especially in recent months. When it comes to my neighborhood, it gets the best from the big city and all the small shops and cafes nearby. Familiar places, neighbors, and their pets, they together create a feeling that is always good to have close to your sight.” – Milan Novovic, QA Engineer at AP

Emre from Ankara, Turkey

“Turkey’s capital city may be best known as a modern financial center, but beyond the looming skyscrapers, you can find ancient mosques, historical street life, and the country’s best museum, along with important monuments and a huge citadel. Besides that, the people living here are so kind, friendly and hospitable. I am feeling so lucky to live in Ankara!” – Emre Kabaoglu, Software Developer at AP

Guerth from San Ramon, Costa Rica

“I was born in a small town in Costa Rica, surrounded by a coffee field, musicians, and poets. I love my town because it’s a beautiful place rich in cultural, artistic, religious, sports, and political traditions. However, what I love more is the people who are always “Pura vida”. – Guerth Castro Gonzalez, Software Developer at AP

Carlos from Caracas, Venezuela

Quite simply, perfect weather and open people are two things that describe what I value most about Caracas.” – Carlos Daniel Leon Martel, Software Developer at AP