Meet Senad Alibegovic, who after years of experience in non-governmental and international organizations, the private sector, and the UN system, started thinking of industry shift as he was thriving for company culture and stimulating environment which boosts creativity and supports growth. So here he is, part of our team as Global Employer Brand Manager and Communication Specialist. Senad will share more about himself, his interests, his country, how he decided to apply for a job position at Authority Partners, and much more.

AP: Senad, please introduce yourself…

SA: My business card says such things as communication and branding specialist, digital and traditional media expert, and content creator. But when you get right down to it, I am much more: eternal wisdom chaser, philophile, award-winning change maker, Ph.D. researcher, human rights activist, feminist, entrepreneur and twice TEDx speaker. Born and raised in the capital of the Bosnian Kingdom, Visoko. Pawrent of 8 Shiba Inu and 14 American Akitas. Wanderluster with 40 countries visited across the globe. 

AP: Tell us a bit more about your country and what makes it unique?

SA: Good humans, tasty food, gasping nature, rich history, and stunning architecture are my elevator pitch when I am trying to bring my friends from across the globe to heart shaped country. Crossroad of many civilizations, a hotspot for many historical moments, home to some of the most beautiful landmarks, medieval ruins, unique towns and cities, stunning mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. For me, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the most beautiful place on Earth, where I was born, raised, grew up, loved and am still loving. 

AP: Why did you decide to apply to work at Authority Partners?

SA: After years of experience in non-governmental and international organizations, the private sector, and the UN system I started thinking of industry shift as I was thriving for company culture and stimulating environment which boosts creativity and supports growth. Knowing the global excellence and importance of the pioneering IT company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Authority Partners, it was THE company where I wanted to contribute with all my skills and competencies. 

AP: What is your role at AP?

SA: I am a proud member of the Marketing and Communication Department, working as a Global Employer Brand Manager and Communication Specialist.

AP: What is one pattern that contributes to your success?

SA: Success takes many forms. Therefore, patterns for different successes vary and heavily depend on the individual itself, environment, and particular situation. In my personal case, there are some patterns or more likely attitudes that I believe contributed to my very own success story: 

Be yourself, respect everyone. Diversity is so beautiful, embrace it. There is no single same personality, therefore, craft your approaches to people based on every human you encounter. And do not forget that energy is everything. Work hard but work smart too. Sabr (patience) is something that needs to be part of your daily routine. Stop, reflect, revise, and keep rocking. Eventually, you will pick of fruits of your own commitment.

AP: What advice would the older and more experienced you give to the younger yourself at the beginning of your career? 

SA: That would be quite a long conversation. There are plenty of lessons learned within those 31 years, mostly learned on my own skin and in a harder way. Regardless, I would not change anything, as it made me the human that I am today, and I am sure that younger Senad would not be that patient listener as I wish. Still, here are some takeaways:

You are good enough. Stop caring about what other people think. Do not let anyone ever tell you your dreams are out of reach. Only you know your full potential. And dreams really do come true. But dreams are nothing without action. Dream it, then do it!  

Patience and persistence ultimately pay off. It is OK to test the waters, but do not be afraid to jump in. Otherwise, you may never know what lies beneath the surface of your fears. The scars you cannot see are worse than those you can. Heal them, and you will heal yourself.

Smile more, worry less. Positivity is infectious, and happiness is a choice. Do not ever judge yourself in comparison to others. Instead, judge yourself against what you know you are capable of. You cannot change anyone except yourself. Conversely, be wary of anyone who tries to change you to suit their ideal. Celebrate your victories in life… even the small ones.  

Create boundaries. Embrace change.

AP: We believe that working in a global company has its advantages if you agree, would you tell us what they are?

SA: The fact that you get the chance to work within such a diverse team from 30 countries across the Planet, cultivating and nurturing so many different cultures, languages, and with so many different, yet beautiful human beings, is the most amazing perk of working in a global company. Nevertheless, the chances and possibilities for learning on a daily basis is endless: from respecting this cultural diversity to communicating in different situations, being respected for who you are and yet being constantly supported to become better and to grow. 

AP: What elements are necessary for a successful team, and do you find them in the AP team?

SA: As demonstrated within my awesome department at the Authority Partners, effective communication, openly and transparently, is the most important part of teamwork. Encouraging honesty and open communication is critical when engaging with team members and strengthening collaborative skills. Trust must be continuously prioritized within teams, and it is one of the most valuable things we have worked on for the past months. When a team works well together, colleagues feel more comfortable offering suggestions and ideas. A respectful and trusting team environment will not only enable colleagues to think more creatively but will lead to more productive and collaborative brainstorming sessions. 

AP: Thank you Senad!