This month we bring you story of Oscar Walker Tapia Merida, QA Engineer at Authority Partners, from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Bolivia is a country where 40% of all animal and plant life on the planet can be found. The country has designated more than 17 percent of its land as protected areas. We found it interesting that Bolivia has over 30 official languages and is home to two of the world’s highest cities.

Oscar studied Electronics Engineering at San Simon University in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He is married and the father of three beautiful girls. Oscar truly enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and traveling to new and exciting places with his family.

In his interview, Oscar shares what he finds most exciting about his country, what it feels like to be connected to the whole world through the AP global team, growth and development opportunities in AP offers, and tips for all interested in applying for a job at AP.

AP: What is the most exciting thing about your country?

OT: For me personally, the most exciting thing about Bolivia is that there is a wide range of places worth visiting. In Bolivia, we have the biggest salt desert in the world called “Salar de Uyuni.” I find this a fantastic place to visit and stay. When I was there, I had the feeling of walking on clouds. If you visit “Salar de Uyuni” you can take amusing images due to the famous landscape view, while in the evening at this place you can see stars and constellations that cannot be seen from the populated cities. At the top of my list is Titicaca lake, the highest lake globally, and Toro Toro, a place where you can find dinosaurs’ fossils and footprints.

AP: What are the advantages of working in the AP global team?

OT: For me, the most significant advantage of working in a global team is that you can experience a fantastic feeling of being connected to the whole world that comes through working with colleagues from different countries of the world, who come from different cultures. Which also gives you a chance to learn a lot of exciting things.

AP: What is your most outstanding achievement in AP so far?

OT: What is great about being part of an AP team is that we continuously learn, develop our skills, and grow together from day one. I am currently working on an exciting project on which I really have the opportunity to learn new things significant to my growth and development.

AP: How did you decide to pursue the QA career path?

OT: My fascination with the perfection and excellence of application functionality and the importance of quality assurance led me to pursue the QA Engineer career path.

AP: Where do you see your career going in AP?

OT: As I mentioned earlier, AP really has a culture of continuous growth and development. Which I really like. My goal is to take advantage of the learning and advancement opportunities that Authority Partners provide and to become a Team Lead and Project Manager in the future.

AP: How did you prepare for the job at AP, and does the AP team encourage you to learn?

OT: When I started working at Authority Partners, I had a wealth of experience as a QA tester in web and mobile applications. I am currently part of a fantastic team, where we continuously motivate and encourage each other to learn.

AP: What elements are necessary for a successful team, and do you find them in the AP team?

OT: In my opinion, a few things are essential for a successful team, and I found them all in my AP team. We have really excellent communication and collaboration. We have a strong team spirit, and we are all committed to giving our best in delivering great solutions to clients.

AP: What advice would you give to someone interested in applying for a job at AP?

OT: We would like to encourage all those interested in applying for a job at the AP. I can tell you that this is a great community made up of very friendly aspiring people, and you will definitely have a chance to learn a lot and advance in your career.

AP: Would you recommend AP to your friends, and what would be your pitch?

OT: As you may have inferred from my previous answers, my pitch would be that the AP is an environment that provides phenomenal opportunities for growth and development, which is also one of the company’s core values, and that you will have the chance to meet great people from around the world, which is unquestionably a great value offered by the AP.

AP: Thank you!