Colorful festivals, unique clothes, yoga and herbs, delicious and spicy cuisine, ancient and diverse culture, sound familiar? Yes, we talk about India. This month we bring you a story from Mittal Chandra, Software Engineer at Authority Partners. Mittal will share some interesting facts about her country, how her typical workday looks like at AP, why her job is so great, how she describes AP, and who her hero is. After reading Mittal’s story, you can book your flight. Let’s meet Mittal.

AP: Hi Mittal, please introduce yourself

Mittal: Namaste, everyone. I am Mittal, a Full-Stack Developer at Authority Partners from India. I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science and over 10+ years of experience in the IT industry.

IT was an alternative since I always wanted to be a doctor but could not qualify for it, so here I am. It was a second booming thing in my time back in 2005. After spending a couple of years programming, I could not imagine myself anywhere else other than programming. So if anyone comes to me for career advice and has IQ for IT, I would never advise them to be anything else but software engineering.

AP: What makes your country unique?

Mittal: India has all my heart and emotions. I would travel all around the world but could not settle anywhere else. Indian culture is so diverse and interesting. It is the most ancient culture in the world. India is home to several communities, each of which has its own culture and traditions. There are hundreds of languages spoken, and most Indians speak more than one language. I find it to be the unique thing in the world.

We have varieties of festivals, and since many communities live together here, the majority of people participate in each other’s celebration joyfully. The scene of cross-communities celebrating together is one of a kind. It makes you euphoric.

The clothes Indian’s wear is way too different from the rest of the world, and if we talk about food, I know the whole world drools over Indian food. Each state and culture has its specialty cuisine. I won’t be able to list them down all here, just google it, and you won’t resist ordering it if you have Indian restaurants in your country.

On the other hand, India’s architecture spans from ancient caves to contemporary skyscrapers. As India grows, architecture continues to diversify through continuously reverting to its roots while maintaining current trends.

The special list about India is long, from yoga, herbs, music, cinema to scientific inventions.

AP: Who had the biggest impact on your career choice?

Mittal: IT career was solely my choice. No one pushed me or inspired me to get into this industry. However, after enrolling in it, I met many enthusiasts who made me believe it’s the best thing I have done. Their impact triggered my interest deeply.

AP: Can you walk us through your typical workday?

Mittal: I have worked remotely for three years now. But I like to keep discipline on a regular day to manage work-life balance. I start by 8:00 am (CEST)latest by checking and replying to emails, and I dedicate 30-45 minutes to monitoring project production health. After that, I go through my tickets and prioritize them for the upcoming day. Apart from troubleshooting and developing solutions, I help team members with their doubts and queries. We have scheduled scrums/retro meetings, triage meetings, and ticket categorization meetings every day. We make some time to get into casual conversation with team members, and it helps to know them better and feel connected to the team. I take a break of an hour in between.

The best thing about flexible remote work is spending more time with family whenever needed. For example, when my child is sick, I don’t have to take a day off to take her to the doctor or prepare her for a nap. All I have to do is – communicate to the manager my away hours, and I can compensate for my work when I am back. However, I don’t miss my pre-scheduled meetings if I have any.

AP: What adjectives would you use to describe AP culture?

Mittal: The Best. People are way too approachable and kind. They don’t consider you as robots coming to deliver services. They make you feel at home and keep you engaged as an AP team, literally.

AP: Tell us a little about your favorite job and why is it so great?

Mittal: I always liked taking an interest in varieties of business domains we have. Being in the software industry, I can understand various verticals while I do my favorite job to create solutions. IT aligns with all business needs and makes it accessible over the globe. I like the fact that I don’t just code and keep up with technologies trends. Still, I also know how college admissions/library management works, how insurance brokers work, how stock trades are made, how the loan management cycle goes, how the co-working business model works, and what health providers monitor. Which other profession gives you this knowledge?

AP: What is your opinion on the AP Feedback system?

Mittal: Praises given on calls and chats are usually pleasant but lose track over time. AP feedback system helps you create VALUABLE appreciation. It feels accomplished to be receiving them on an official feedback system with visibility to a higher hierarchy. It’s easier to use, just like how you would send someone a message; that’s a plus that encourages you to use it more often. It brings a sense of gratitude as well. It’s satisfying at times to go back to it and read what people have told about you. So motivating and rewarding!

AP: What would you change about the IT industry if you had a magic wand?

Mittal: I would not change anything really; it’s evolving/improvising every day for places it lacks.

AP: Who is your hero?

Mittal: I don’t have one. I have met people with great life stories that inspire me in one way or another. They all are my heroes; I look up to those people regarding hard work and personal growth to become a better version of myself. A single mother with insufficient qualifications, doing hard physical work, and nurturing her kids single-handedly is equally inspiring as technologies/science innovators/financial wizards reaching out to stars and making millions.

AP: Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring AP consultants?

Mittal: Grab the opportunity with two hands and with all your heart. You will work with the best of enterprise solutions globally with the most amazing and talented people across the globe. Communication is the key to working effectively in a remote setup. You have flexibility with best-in-class infrastructure and work. You get everything you need to grow in your career path. Stay dedicated like the rest of your team, and we all make it together.

AP: Thank you Mittal!