This month we bring you an inspiring story from Merima Ceranic, Software Developer at Authority Partners. She comes from the shape heart country and gives insight into BiH tradition and history. Merima also describes her journey from AP Lab -Talent and Innovation Center trainee to AP consultant. She shares her experience on the AP approach to career development and team support and motivation. She also talks about her sister as her biggest support and her passion for the tech world.

Get yourself comfortable and learn directly from AP consultant’s experience.

AP: Merima, tell us more about yourself.

MC: Hi, my name is Merima Ceranic, I am a Software developer at Authority Partners. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in Mostar and am currently a master’s student in Sarajevo. I started my career in the IT industry at Authority Partners. In addition to my daily work, I find myself volunteering, where we provide opportunities for the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina to progress. I love competitions, and I have had a couple of opportunities to participate in hackathons and the IEEE Innovation Nation program. Learning led me to AP, and I am very happy.

I enjoy hanging out, painting oil on canvas, cooking, and running in addition to the IT world.

AP: Would you please describe your country?

MC: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country in Europe with a heart shape. I was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and here I have the most beautiful memories. My family and friends are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I travel, I always look forward to returning to my homeland.

People in Bosnia and Herzegovina are warm and friendly; we always welcome guests with enthusiasm. This is confirmed by tourists who visit our beautiful homeland. The architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina is intertwined between Austro-Hungarian construction and Ottoman construction.

I come from the city of Mostar, the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is always warm, and the sun shines – except for the month of February when we have a bit of wind. Jumps from the Old Bridge are held in Mostar: traditional and red bull, where many people come from all over the world.

The southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is close to the sea, and we have a lot of green space. Then, when you head towards the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will come to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By visiting this beautiful city, it is inevitable to eat delicious” cevapi.” Cevapi is a traditional Bosnian Herzegovinian dish.

The north of Bosnia and Herzegovina has beautiful natural idylls, and the temperature is pleasant. So, when we connect the north and south of our homeland, we have both warm and cold areas.

When we talk about food, traditional food in Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite spicy, and the main ingredient of the dish is meat.
It is important to try pie, sarma, cevapi, and drink coffee.

The way we dress has changed a lot, where in the past we had “dimije” for women and “caksire” for men. I had the opportunity to wear woman clothes, as I was a member of the folklore society, and I represented the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina outside of BiH.

AP: You have joined the AP family through the AP Lab Cloud Masters Training Program. Can you tell us more about this journey from AP Lab trainee to Software Developer at AP?

MC: Upon completing my bachelor studies, the AP Lab Cloud Maters Program was the best opportunity for me in the IT world. I enjoy finding solutions to the problems we face daily. Through the AP Internship, I became acquainted with the modern technologies in the IT world and that are used today.

After completing the internship, I was employed by AP as a software developer – my internship contributed a lot, where I learned how the process of working in the IT world works. Today I work on technologies that I have perfected at the internship. During my work at AP, I significantly improved my technical and communication skills.

AP: What is the AP approach to career development?

MC: The AP approach helps by working with technologies that are modern today – and by working in a dynamic environment. I can communicate daily with colleagues from different parts of the world – AP has international teams.

AP: What are your moving motivators?

MC: It moves me when I see that my family is healthy and when I am healthy. It makes me very happy that I am motivated and supported by the people I love and make them happy with my actions. Big thanks to my older sister, who is the biggest support in my life – she has taught me that nothing is impossible.

AP: How does your manager support and motivate your team?

MC: When communicating with my manager, the manager always approached the job professionally and positively. Therefore, my team and I are very encouraged when the manager praises us and tells us to do the job well. In addition, a manager is there for us and asks us if we are satisfied, if we want something different – which further encourages us.

AP: What’s one work-related thing you want to accomplish in the following years?

MC: I want to improve my technical and non-technical skills further. I try to progress more and more every day, and with such work, I improve the current position I am in. In the course of my upcoming work, I believe that I will teach colleagues – and by transferring knowledge, introduce them slowly to the IT world.

AP: What are you most passionate about in the tech world?

MC: I enjoy developing web applications, and so far, I am most interested in that part of the IT world. During my “growing up in the IT world,” I will do my best to build these skills to the maximum. We have a lot of opportunities for progress, where it is very easy to explore and embark on new IT adventures using the internet.

During my participation in the IEEE Innovation Nation, I had the opportunity to work with the team on a web application implementation – where I saw what benefits software development brings to the world. The Tech world is making our daily lives much easier by creating some awesome tech solutions.

AP: What quality do you see in a team member that you would like to cultivate in your own habits and actions?

MC: I love it when someone approaches work and colleagues calmly and professionally. All my life, I have been striving to do my job professionally and motivate other people with my actions.

In teamwork, I really like the fact that colleagues approach works calmly – and constantly point to “ask a lot, a lot of questions – that’s the best way to learn.” I learned that there are no stupid questions. I am very motivated by my colleagues who help me every day, and we are always there for each other.

AP: What’s your favorite thing about AP?

MC: I am very happy that my colleagues in the AP are always ready to help when needed, and I try to share it every time I know something.

People I work with are not just my colleagues – they are my friends, and we hang out even after work. The work atmosphere is very important to me – and that’s exactly what I have in the AP.

AP: Thank you Merima!