When we say Argentina, the first things that come to mind are football, Messi, Maradona, the famous tango, tasty Asado-style BBQ, Jorge Luis Borges, Che Guevara, who was born in Argentina, but also Pope Francis. Yes, the list is long.

Argentina is one of the world’s major exporters of soybeans, wheat and meat, and is one of the largest producers of wool and wine.

In this month’s AP Team Stories, we bring you the story of Martin Lucas Trabuchi, QA Engineer at Authority Partners. He lives in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, which is where he was born.

Read on to hear how Lucas describes Buenos Aires, a busy day at AP, and how he manages to communicate with colleagues from different time zones. He revealed why he decided to apply to work at Authority Partners, who he admires the most at AP, and what he would be if he is not QA Engineer.

AP: Lucas, Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you get interested in the IT Industry?

LT: Hello, my name is Lucas, and I am from Argentina, Buenos Aires. When I was a child, I searched for all kinds of information about video games, and that’s how I got initially interested in the IT industry. The fun thing is that I get interested in any video game related to Pokémon’s. So let’s say I am a fan. When I am not working, I like to spend my time playing video games, watching anime, and hanging out with friends. Besides this, I am doing my best to live a healthy lifestyle.

AP: What is the most fascinating thing about your country?

LT: Argentina is a country of fascinating beauty. There is an endless number of landscapes that you can and should visit. Argentina should not only be seen; it should be experienced. This is the country of rich culture, tango, and it’s a country of football. The great football player, Lionel Messi, is from Argentina. I bet you all heard about him. I am fascinated by his character and play, perhaps because he is still humble despite how popular he is. If we talk about Buenos Aires, this is a city of youth and a city that never sleeps. If some of my colleagues decide to visit me, I would first take them to try the delicious Asado, Empanadas, and tasty Milanese’s.

AP: How does your typical day at AP look like?

LT: You’re probably expecting some super interesting answer, but business is business. Typically, my day involves working on projects, talking to my colleagues, and attending business-related meetings. I joined AP remotely, and I usually work from home, but the good thing about remote work is that you can choose your office; It can be any location you enjoy and allows you to work without interruption. 

AP: In 3 words, please describe your team.

LT: Great, Supportive, and Comprehensive. I truly enjoy working with my team because everyone is kind, and we are always trying to help each other. When some of us come up with an issue, we will figure it out together.

AP: How do you manage to communicate with colleagues from different time zones?

LT: I do not consider this a challenge. Usually, we all match up in a few hours. For some of us, the working day has just begun; for some, it is already halfway through, and for some, it is near the close of the business. Being in the same time zone does not automatically equal productivity. We organize meetings in time suitable for every team member; for other communication, we have many tools available, starting with email, then chats, and numerous apps and programs you find suitable for communication and track of work.

AP: Finish the sentence. If I were not a QA engineer, I’d be…

LT: I would definitely be a nutritionist or fitness trainer. I am playing football since the age of five, and I even played for one year for the River Plate football club. I love and enjoy sports activities. I’m not going to talk about all benefits of sports and a healthy lifestyle, we’re all aware of that, but this is something I would enjoy doing.

AP: Why did you decide to apply to work at Authority Partners?

LT: I heard from a friend about open positions at AP, so I decided to apply. We matched when it comes to the opportunities AP offers and the one I was searching for. I love learning new things, which is the opposite of what I had at my previous job. I did not have a chance to learn new things, which is frustrating because you enter into an infinite boring loop. On the other hand, we are a part of the fastest-growing industry, and to be competitive and keep up with trends, we need to learn and constantly build better versions of ourselves. The winning combination is if we meet halfway when both the company and ourselves invest in education.

AP: Are you satisfied with the opportunities AP offers?

LT: When we think about work and company, the first thing that usually comes to mind is exchanging money for work and working for money. Of course, money is a necessity, but in this process, many other factors are involved, such as the feel of appreciation, teamwork, recognition, company culture, education, and many more, which in total affect your overall satisfaction. And yes, I am satisfied with all opportunities AP offers.

AP: What or who inspires you the most at AP?

LT: In such a large team, you can work and communicate with people from different parts of the world. I want to single out two people in my team who inspire me, Carlos Tejada, Program Architect, and Adnan Catovic, Engineering Manager at AP. They are amazing! They are always helping me when it is needed and are very supportive. I enjoy in conversation with them and moments when we find time in our busy schedules to talk about some off-project topics.

AP: What is the best advice you could give to someone planning to join AP?

LT: Do it; you won’t regret it!

AP: Thank you!