Juan Valentin Santi Mateo

This month we bring you the story of Juan Valentin Santi Mateo, a software developer at Authority Partners from the Dominican Republic. In his interview, Juan shares what he finds most exciting about his country, what it feels like to be connected to the whole world through the AP global team, the growth and development opportunities that AP offers, and tips for all interested in applying for a job at AP.

AP: Juan, tell us more about yourself.

JVSM: Hi everyone. I’m Juan, a software developer from the Dominican Republic and a big technology enthusiast. IT industry is one huge playground of innovations and it’s an incredible feeling to know that you are part of the puzzle that makes this world a better place for all of us to live. I am the proud father of three wonderful children, the brother of two sisters and a guy who is always ready to help.

AP: How would you summarize all the beauty of your country?

JVSM: I believe that I am one lucky person. In addition to working and earning from what I love to do, I do it in a beautiful country. Although it is difficult to summarize all the beauties of the Dominican Republic, I will highlight two: the sea and the people. My homeland is surrounded by kilometers of beaches, and on every step of the land, you will meet wonderful people.

AP: How did you get interested in the IT industry in the first place? 

 JVSM: Early childhood and games triggered many of today’s IT professionals to discover and enter this industry. So same here. My adventure started when I was 8 years old. Then, I was fascinated by computers and game consoles, and ever since I have been interested in how all that magic happened.

AP: What made you apply for the open position at Authority Partners?

JVSM: I decided to apply because I felt I did not fit on my previous job anymore. I needed to make a real jump in my career.

AP: In your opinion, what elements are necessary for a successful team, and do you find them in your team?

JVSM: Communication and support is the key to a team to success. From minute 1, I was always on a great team on AP, with awesome teammates, team leads, scrum masters, engineering manager and architects. 

AP: How have you forged new contacts and relationships while working in the AP global team?

JVSM:  At first, It just sounded cool to have colleagues around the clock. But today, I claim that I have met great people through work and constant communication.

AP: Does AP provide enough opportunities for growth and development?

JVSM: Definitely! I have worked with technologies of interest which helped me to internalize knowledge and growth as a professional. 

AP: Are there any quotes or books that inspire you?

JVSM: The bible, “Jehovah is my shepherd and I will lack nothing.”

AP: In terms of motivation, what are the things that keep you moving?

JVSM:  Flexible working hours, great team, being treated as a professional and last but not least good salary.

AP: If you could give any advice to aspiring AP consultants, what would it be?

JVSM:  Polish skills, polish your English, focus and come on board!