Eastern and Western cultures intertwine with the heart-shaped Bosnia and Herzegovina territory, a country of rich culture, history, and natural heritage. Legend said that when you come to Sarajevo and drink some water on Bascarsija from the Public fountain, you will probably come back again in Sarajevo.

In this month’s AP Team Stories, we bring you a story from Jovan Dobrilovic, QA Engineer at Authority Partners from Sarajevo – BIH, who will talk about his biggest adjustment when he joined AP, his favorite events, and personality traits he looks for in ideal team members. Read on to hear what makes him proud to work at AP and what he would do If he could snap fingers and instantly make the world better.

AP: Hi Jovan, tell us more about yourself.

JD: Hello, my name is Jovan. I was born and raised in the Olympic city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In my youth, I was interested in art, so I graduated graphic design, and at that time, in a world without limits (imagination/art), I never thought I could be in the IT industry with all ones and zeroes. But when I got to know the IT world, I was strongly drawn to it, and still am; I love to learn new things on a daily basis—enjoying spending free time with my family, living a healthy lifestyle to set a good example for kids either by cooking at home (I also finished culinary school), going to the gym regularly, running, etc.

AP: We believe you could write a book introducing us to beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, but what would you stand out?

JD: People, straight out! I mean, we do have an awesome national heritage that is influenced by different cultures, untouched nature, beautiful rivers and canyons, mountains, but I have to say, people. Hardworking people with amazing hospitality with incredible national dishes! No matter where you come from, when you are in Bosnia, you will never feel like a stranger. And yeah, the food, wherever I go across the border, I do try domestic cuisine, but if I see “Sarajevski cevapi,” I’ll be making a stopping there for sure. 

AP: What was the biggest adjustment when you started working in AP?

JD: It’s going to sound odd, but it was strange to adjust and believe that company has so many to offer to an employee. Starting with onboarding, Authority Partners really does invest a lot in the development of the employees and takes care that they work in an environment where they are happy and feel valued, where they can grow and work with amazing projects and with great teams with so many different cultures across the globe remotely and yet have felt like we are all in the same room. 

AP: Does AP host social events, and what is your favorite?

JD: Quite a lot actually, I would even say a trendsetter in Bosnia. River rafting, movie nights, mountain hikes, bike rides, dinners, after-work parties, and gatherings there is for sure an activity for everyone to enjoy, and not just in Sarajevo, and Authority Partners creates social events in all countries where they have employees. I would say my pick is after-work burgers.

AP: What role do AP values play in the organization?

JD: Big one, holding to values really ensures everyone that company is stable, holding to its standards, secure! Pretty much everything one employee wants from a company.

AP: Does AP recognize team members for their efforts?

JD: Very much so, yes. Everything is noticed, every hard work is very appreciated in Authority Partners, for every good job there is a commendation for sure, not just from management but from team members as well. 

AP: What personality traits do you look for in your ideal team members?

JD: Good communication; if we understand each other, we will come to a deal, I guarantee. Since it is a starting point, a lot depends on it; the next would be proactivity. I like hardworking people; honesty is something I hold to a lot; all other things we can work out, not everyone knows everything.

AP: If you could snap your fingers and instantly make the world better, what would you do?

JD: Fix all production issues around the world 😊 Joke aside, and I do not want to sound like I won the title of “Miss of the world,” I believe no child should be hungry, rough living conditions, or some other difficult life events can happen, it’s life, but at least to have a nice warm meal. 

AP: What makes you proud to work at AP?

JD: Again I say people, I meet so many wonderful people that were so kind and nice, to work in a company with a nice working environment is really something else, I actually enjoy Mondays. The growth would be a second thing, having an opportunity to learn so many new technologies and working on exciting projects. When someone asks me where I work, I reply with “Hey, I work at AP” with a big smile on my face, and trust me; everyone feels positive energy. 

AP: What is the AP approach to career development?

JD: Very good; company continuously invests in employee education through certification or webinars, meet-ups, constant workshops, and knowledge transfers. Personally, that means a lot to me, showing me that the company cares about my career development and pushing me in the right direction.

AP: Thank you Jovan!