The beauty of our Authority Partners family lies in handpicked IT experts that incorporate the same vision. Our global team is creating excellence in 14 different time zones, over 5 continents, and 33 countries.

Flavio Cardoso is a Software Engineer at Authority Partners from Brazil. The fascinating fact is that Brazil occupies half of the continent’s landmass and is the fifth largest country worldwide, exceeded in size only by Russia, Canada, China, and the United States. Brazil contains most of the Amazon River basin, which has the world’s most extensive river system and its most-extensive virgin rainforest. The country comprises no desert, high-mountain, or arctic environments.

Flavio reveals the benefits of working for a global company, how he lives AP core value stability, what influenced his career choice, and why he would swap with someone from QA for a day. He also describes the AP work environment and shares the advice he would like to share with the younger self.

AP: Flavio, please introduce yourself to us.

FC: Hey, I’m Flavio, a Software Engineer from Brazil, and an integrant of the most fun team in the Authority Partners! I have a wife, a daughter, a puppy, three guitars, two bikes, and a motorcycle. Yeah, I’m freaking out, but I do have time for everything. The point is, I wouldn’t say I like routines, but my doctor said that I have to get used to it.

AP: What would you point out as the fascinating things about your country?

FC: Brazil is enormous and continental, mostly sunny so you can find many different beauties. From Amazon Rain Forest, which is far from my place, to arid lands in the country’s northeast. Sadly, we don’t have snow (well, sometimes in only one place if the weather helps), and I leave 800km from the nearest beach. So, this can explain why I have two bicycles and a motorcycle: I love open air! I love to gather my friends and go around.

AP: Do you believe that working for a global company has advantages, and if so, what are they?

FC: Of course! Among all advantages, one of the most important is that AP, as a global company, allowed me to meet the most fun team in AP, and the pandemic saved my team from my pleasant presence..

AP: Stability is one of the Authority Partners’ core values; what does it represent, and why do you think it is so essential?

FC: Stability gives us the tranquility to focus on performance and growth. I believe this is a master point because I can worry about delivering my best and always being up to date. Despite not liking routines, my job is always giving me challenges, so I’m delighted for that.

AP: Can you tell us something about your role at AP and most influenced your Software Engineering choice as a career path?

FC: Before coming to AP, I was a general IT manager in a mid-sized company. I was missing new challenges badly. Well, I think that it’s because after 15 years writing software related to cattle breeding, moving from junior to senior developer, to DBA and manager, all this in the same company with the same products and the same issues, things were getting usual. The most remarkable thing, genetics, was implemented after I went to management, so I missed it.

AP: Is there a space for creativity and learning in AP?

FC: Of course, software engineering is all about creativity and learning. It would be best if you always had the creativity to solve your daily problems with quality, and the more you study, the more you know that you know nothing. So, I don’t want to tell you about my gray hair.

AP: If you were to swap with someone for roles on one day within the AP, who would it be and why?

FC: I would swap with someone from QA. I want to learn some excellent stuff with them. As a developer, you can understand their techniques and improve your solutions’ quality; you can think ahead. So, as they are specialized in quality, why not improve your quality skills?

AP: Can you describe a working environment in AP?

FC: The AP working environment is fantastic in the morning. Yes, I’m the only one on my team in this time zone. But I’m always poking them on Teams, and they reply late in the night; technically, it is always challenging. Currently, I’m working on some projects involving almost 20 years of technologies. So, I have my teammates helping me, and I have time to focus, review a reply for users and product owners patiently, and time for some fun with my colleagues.

AP: Where do you see your career going in AP?

FC: I don’t know; I’ve worked in so many roles that I’m not sure. I want to evolve my skills to develop a career as an architect. I think this is the more natural flow, but I also really like projects. Sometimes this looks like that I’m talking to myself.

AP: What advice would the older and more experienced you give to the younger yourself at the beginning of your career?

FC: Be a nerd! It will worth it. Bear in mind, every company needs software, and software needs qualified professionals, so this area will always have opportunities for a big and solid future. Of course, I also mean related areas like QA, DevOps, analysts, support, even on-premises infrastructure guys and those who put some order in the whole mess: project managers, managers, talent management, and others.

AP: Thank you!