You know those inspirational stories that make you jump out of your routine and completely change your life? This is one such story. Meet our colleague Emine Bakir, a humanitarian, volunteer, traveler, motorcycle driver, former flight attendant and software developer at Authority Partners in our Istanbul Technology center.

AP: Tell us about yourself and your homeland.

EB: I am Emine Bakir. I was born in Osmaniye, which is a city in Turkey. Turkey is an enchanting and awe-inspiring country. In addition to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, delicious dishes and marvelous mosques, lives 10,000 years of human civilization.

When I was a student at Bogazici University, I lived in Romania for 7 months to work as a volunteer. We supported non-educational and disadvantaged children in learning foreign languages, such as English. In 2015, I started to work at THY as a flight attendant. I’ve been to more than 30 countries, and during my time as a flight attendant my world views were expanded. Travelling around the world made me a different person. I have friends from different countries, and we are in personal contact. I like to stay active and healthy. I do exercise regularly, and I am a motorcycle rider.

AP: How did your curiosity for IT arise?

EB: When I was a student, I was introduced to the IT industry through my friends. I even worked at a software agency as a junior project manager for a short period. I became a flight attendant after that, and continued as one for almost 5 years, at which point I decided to change my career path because I felt I no longer had a regular life. I started to learn software programming by enrolling in a course. As time passed, I realized that I like coding and I can do it. In September 2020, I quit my job at Turkish Airlines and started working as a business analyst.

AP: What sparked your interest in applying to Authority Partners?

EB: I still remember all the details. “Call For IT Professionals” was the title of the job posting for the first AP Lab in Turkey. It boasted a strong mentorship program with an excellent learning opportunity. It was exactly what I needed. This program led to my first job as a first software developer. When I started my IT journey, I never imagined getting my first job as Software Developer following an education program through a global company!

AP: What do you like most about Authority Partners?

EB: Authority Partners offers a good work-life balance; you can work from the office in Istanbul or remotely, and with flexible hours. And it gives me time to improve myself outside of work. But that may not be the main thing: Authority Partners is a desirable employer because it invests in its people and provides professional development training programs.

Today, I have new friends in the IT industry from all around the world, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. The most important thing for me is to continue to meet people in the IT sector.

Teams at Authority Partners are focused on solving problems together. Strong teams start with great communication. In addition, supporting and helping boost the morale of each other in a team increases productivity and creates a happier and healthier work culture. I currently have my dream team and work environment. I am satisfied with all communication and processes within the company.

AP: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring Authority Partners consultants?

EB: The truth is, we are complex individuals in life and at work. Based on my experience, while it may be tempting to be in your comfort zone, do what you love – not what you’re told to love.

AP: Thank you Emine!