Getting your daily latte at the same place and staring at your screen at your nine-to-five every day not nearly interesting enough? What if you chose to work on the road? Sorted priorities and passion can lead you sky high! We are bringing you an inspiring story of Diego Alejandro Veras Bolanos, a Software Developer at Authority Partners. His lifestyle changed after a rock festival in Wacken, Germany, 2012, where he made a personal goal – to work, save money, and make a significant journey every year. Today, Diego travels all around the world and works from different and exciting destinations.

His interest in computers started from a very early age when he began using MS-DOS to run games way back in Windows 3.1. When he was only 14 years old, he got interested in Flash animations, which he persuaded for several years. He was entirely sure that he wanted to be a graphic designer/animator. Soon, he found out that he could use Flash software to make games, and from that point, he got interested in programming. He thought himself ActionScript, PHP, and SQL to be able to create a website to showcase his work, and it all snowballed from there.

Diego holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and has over ten years of experience as a Software Developer. He has been working at Authority Partners for more than two years now and has recently assumed the role of Team Lead. After a couple of months of enjoying and working from Japan, he shared his inspiring life story with us.

AP: Share with us, where are you from and what is the most interesting thing about your country?

DV: I was born in Guatemala City, and I’ve lived in Guatemala’s small country for most of my life. Guatemala is not mainly well known worldwide, and there are many jokes about how it’s so easy to miss on the maps. However, any coffee lover will easily recognize it, as some of the best coffee is grown there (all right, fine, some people might prefer Colombia’s).

I’d say the most exciting thing about the country is that it’s so small, yet has such a vast array of different landscapes. It has beaches on both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, white sand and volcanic sand beaches, arid towns, and humid forests. Parts of the country are really cold most of the year, while others are just always hot. Some parts of it are like a paradise straight from Instagram. There’s something for everyone in there – you have to find it.

AP: How many countries have you lived/worked in?

DV: That depends on how long one has to be in a country to qualify as “living in it”! But, in all seriousness, probably about 7. I can attest to the many ups and downs for each of them, but getting the chance to live in a completely different culture makes pretty much all of it worth it.

AP: What is your work-life philosophy?

DV: I’m not sure if I have a literal work-life philosophy, but I try to live my life to the fullest – wherever that may be. However, what allows me to do this is my work, and even if I am currently at the most beautiful beach in the world, with the most pleasant sunset that’s ever existed, and it is work hours – work comes first. I think this is true to everyone that would call themselves a “Digital Nomad”.

AP: Did the expectations change from the time you started working at AP until now?

DV: I had a couple of friends that went into remote work and swiftly quit, saying that it was too hard to keep up, too stressful, the work conditions weren’t what they were used to, and that they felt someone watching over their shoulders all the time. Needless to say, I was hopeful – but keeping my feet on the ground. However, that changed pretty much after my first week working here. I started working with people that were used to remote work, and already knew how to make it work – it’s strengths and weaknesses – and how to take advantage of them all. It made the transition smooth. The work environment is super friendly, everyone is always eager to help out, and communication has never been a problem.

AP: What is the most significant benefit of being a part of the AP global team?

DV: I think that answer may vary a lot depending on whom you ask – but for me, getting the chance to work with people from all over the world. I have learned a lot from them. I love working with a team that’s all over the place – such as different cultures, different languages, and backgrounds – everyone is ridiculously knowledgeable in different things. It’s a joy to work with them.

AP: When you visited AP Technology Center Sarajevo, what was the most exciting experience?

DV: I had no idea what to expect from Sarajevo, the team, the culture, anything at all! Getting to meet everyone that I worked with, and finally putting faces to the voices – was very interesting. I had the opportunity of going out with a few team members a couple of times, and I had a blast!

AP: As global teams are becoming the standard, in your opinion, what is the greatest strength of the AP global team?

DV: I do have to say that probably the most significant strength is in its ability to collaborate – we can cover a wide array of timezones without having anyone be uncomfortable. This helps support and communicate with clients, as we can better match their timezones and sometimes even their languages!

AP: In your opinion, how does AP create excellence?

DV: A happy team creates great software, in my opinion. And AP does a great work of keeping everyone happy – I always feel there’s an initiative to help us learn more right around the corner. In Sarajevo, the AP programs to get young people started up in technology are amazing, and simply a great opportunity. I guess if I had to put it simply, AP cares about its people and invests in them.

AP: Would you recommend AP to your friends, and if so, what would be your pitch?

DV: I have passed on some recommendations, and pitching AP is not difficult at all – Who wouldn’t want to work remotely, using exciting technologies, with people from all over the world?

AP: Do you have any advice for those who are planning to join the AP community?

DV: I do – actually. Get ready for a lot of new experiences and work with amazing people from all over the world!