Sit for a second and imagine endless summer while drinking “Mama Juana” on 1290 kilometers of coastline, surrounded by 57 limestone caves with prehistoric drawings and carvings. Lively and uplifting dance music is heard from a nearby café — what a wonderful feeling. Welcome to the Dominican Republic, and let’s meet Claury!


Claury Franchesca Mejia Rodriguez is a Software Developer at Authority Partners with a particular interest in computational neuroscience, AI, and machine learning. In this months’ AP Team Story, find out how she prepared for her job at AP, the advantages of working in a global team, and how she describes AP culture. In addition, she loves to paint, and read, and listen to some scary stories.


In this month’s AP Team Story, find out how Claury prepared for her job at AP,  read about the advantages of working in a global team and how she describes AP culture.


AP: Claury, please introduce yourself to us.


CR: I am from the Dominican Republic, and I’m a software developer with 3+ years of experience, currently interested in computational neuroscience, AI, and machine learning. I enjoy my free time listening to horror stories podcasts, reading manhwas (thriller/mystery/horror/comedy) or books (thriller/mystery), drawing, and painting.


AP: Tell us a bit more about the Dominican Republic and what makes your country unique?


CR: The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country surrounded by water and sharing land with Haiti. This country only knows about summer, except for a couple of regions. However, the beautiful beaches and the cheerful people in it often provide people who visit it with a sense of belonging, and for the ones living here, with the ability to make a friend out of a total stranger easily.


AP: We believe that working in a global company has its advantages if you agree, would you tell us what they are?


CR: Working for a global company, I realized that there is a mixture of cultures and people from different places. Such diversity allows people to grow and learn new things, appreciate their uniqueness, and give the best of themselves.


AP: Excellence is one of our core values; what does it represent, and why do you think it is so important?


CR:  For sure, it represents more than just thriving to be excellent per definition. What excellence means to me is a combination of effort, the guidance received, interest, desire to improve, a better version of oneself, being humble, knowing one’s true value, and carrying oneself in ways that could cause admiration and not resentment.


AP: What is one pattern that contributes to your success?


CR: I consider it is planning ahead. I usually like to have a planned out set of goals, short-term or long-term, including routine activities.


AP: How did you prepare for the job at AP, and does the AP team encourage you to learn?


CR: Besides my previous knowledge, learning new technologies can always be a challenge. However, many platforms and sites easily provide the knowledge needed, which I took and continue to take advantage of. As a result, I have had the chance to learn many new things since I joined AP and put my knowledge to good use.


AP: What most influenced your choice to pursue a career as a Software Developer?


CR: I attended a vocational high school, and it was from there that software development picked my interest, so I naturally followed this path from then on.


AP: Can you describe the work environment in the AP?


CR: It is very organized, relaxed, and flexible.


AP: Would you recommend AP to a friend, and why? 


CR: Definitely! The advantage of learning new things, the flexible schedule, and the opportunity of meeting and working with new people from different places.


AP: What advice would the older and more experienced you give to the younger yourself at the beginning of your career?



CR: To take things a little easier but mindfully, and if possible, try to build a good relationship with your mentors.


AP: Thank you!