Authority Partners (AP), as a leading IT company operating in the global market, together with over 400 consultants passionate for knowledge, aspires to be the authority in creating information technology excellence. This vision is incorporated into every aspect of the AP culture and gives shape and direction to our business. This includes many professional educational events held globally under the slogan “We Grow Together,” created to share invaluable knowledge within the company and the community.

After a challenging year for all and many online events, Architects from the AP Technology Center Sarajevo gathered this week at the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center at the fifth annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit. At the same time, colleagues from 33 countries joined online. Thus, the Summit was marked by two great days of exchanging exciting ideas and knowledge and opening horizons regarding new and current technologies.

This event brought together almost 60 Program and Solution Architects from the company and senior consultants recognized for their technological expertise. AP recognizes the importance of time spent together away from everyday commitments. Hence, each year, our team took some time to exchange ideas on technology topics related to the company’s direction regarding technology promotion and implementation. The Summit’s goal is to acquire new institutional knowledge and provide learning opportunities to AP technology leaders.

The 5th Annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit held Globally

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with eight lecturers from the AP and with world-renowned IT expert Steve Smith. The sessions were thoroughly researched, prepared, and presented with enthusiasm, while the discussions were enlightening and constructive.

I am very excited to meet new colleagues and reconnect with old friends at our 5th annual Architecture Summit. As for any consulting organization, dedicating time to look at interesting technologies that are not yet part of Authority Partners standard portfolio, is of crucial importance. When our technology leaders share knowledge with each other, and especially after we get a chance to apply it on a real project, this expertise becomes part of Authority Partners institutional knowledge. Beyond this immediate goal, just the sheer joy of exploring new ways to solve business problems with exciting new technologies, is very rewarding and fun experience. This year’s Summit is of special importance because a number of us are meeting in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Obviously, with Authority Partners consultants working and living on 5 continents, the majority of the team will be joining us online.

Looking forward to sharing knowledge, having fun, and continuing to realize our vision of being the information technology Authority for our client Partners”, said Erol Karabeg, AP Co-Founder at the opening of the Summit.

We are really impressed with how far we have come together as a team and are grateful for the enthusiasm and good ideas generated by the AP team.

During the event’s organization, testing for the COVID-19 virus was organized for all those present at the AP Lab, respecting current epidemiological measures. After all, safety is paramount.