Sharing Knowledge at 3rd Annual AP Architecture Summit

We in Authority Partners continuously invest in sharing knowledge, and we are led by our vision to be the authority in creating information technology excellence. This weekend at our AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center, we had two fantastic days of discussions and learning at our third Annual Authority Partners (AP) Architecture Summit. For two days, we focused on the future of AP engineering teams, and on important information system architecture topics, with the common themes of DevOps and Security.

“I don’t know if it was the magic of our inspiring space at AP Lab, or just the fact that we all brought our collective positive energies. In any event, our third annual AP Architecture Summit was easily the best ever”, said Erol Karabeg, CEO of Authority Partners.

We all left with a heightened sense of purpose, and we are richer for the knowledge that come our way. Once again, AP Architecture Summit offered many interesting sessions and discussions, and brought us together to share knowledge and experience, and to set future goals.

We’re looking forward to organizing our traditional gathering next year.