Authority Partners is dedicated to shaping young leaders of tomorrow who have passion, power, and dedication to making a difference through knowledge sharing, creating opportunities, developing support systems, mentoring, coaching, and many more.

As a part of this mission, we are delighted to continue our collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH as the first sponsor of the Leader Roots Program that brings together young, future leaders and puts them at the forefront of the business world.

The Leader Roots Program was created to encourage the development of business ideas of young people and build entrepreneurial (self)aware future leaders. Planned for those from 24 to 36 years old and focused on personal and career development, AmCham BiH has decided to make next-generation business leaders ready to meet any challenge and eager to work in an environment of high potential.

Leader Roots Program will take place from May 2022 to April 2023 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Program will consist of interactive and practical lectures delivered by the business leader, directors, and company representatives to encourage self-initiative participants in leadership activities, excursions, visits to various companies, and having inspiring lectures followed by discussions with exceptional (co) speakers.

“Leadership development is an investment in our future and the way to stay engaged in the present. We are proud to support AmCham in Bosnia and Herzegovina in their newest effort to encourage young leaders and improve our business community. “Leader roots” is a very important program, and Authority Partners is committed to sharing knowledge,” said Amina Karic, VP of Operations at AP.

Young, future professionals who will overtake certain important processes recognized by their own companies as future leaders of the highest potential are the perfect fit for this Program.

Our shared purpose is to properly equip Leader Roots participants with skills and knowledge to successfully overcome challenges that every manager must be prepared for in the demanding environment of the business community. So, the first masterclass lecture entitled “What IT project management tricks can each industry use?” will be held in October 2022.

During the masterclass, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about project management from Authority Partners professionals. Also, together we will explore the broader picture of project management and its process from initiation to completion of implementation. As a result, participants will understand the core of project management, the project manager’s role and responsibilities, and ways to advance in a project manager’s career.

For the first time, the Leader Roots Program aims to create an alumni network of prosperous managers and strong leaders who will lead the BiH economy forward. Authority Partners Technology Center Sarajevo is happy to embark on this important mission!