We are lucky to live in a time when focus on healthy (or at least healthier) habits receives more attention than ever before. We tend to leave these conversations for our time off work, but, alas, we seem to have less and less of it.  So now is the time to raise this issue to the next level and start talking about healthy life habits in places where we spend most of our time – at  work. Avant-garde? Well, not really.

Authority Partners has already made this decision by creating Dev Talks MeetUp, a knowledge and experience-sharing platform that usually covers current issues in IT. This time the conversation remains rooted in IT – but from the angle of a happy, healthy programmer. 

Adnan Ćatović from Sarajevo is in his mid-thirties, father of two, husband, and programmer dedicated to his work in a major global company, Authority Partners (AP). Several years back, he learned the true price of his sedentary lifestyle – his medical check-up uncovered enough risk factors to raise some serious concerns. As a responsible husband and father, he realized it’s time for some changes. “I couldn’t let things slide any further; the damage had to be repaired right away,” says Adnan. “It started with the decision to end my sedentary lifestyle and all those little things that generally go with this line of work, and to start being more active. Considering that you can’t even walk, never mind run, on a full stomach, my food habits had to change as well.” Instead of chocolate bars that were an immediate but unhealthy source of energy, Adnan’s desk is now home to a box of nuts and dried fruits. And, he adds, lots of water bottles wherever he goes. He has read up on everything that would help him to understand his body – and then he got going. Today he runs 5 kilometers every morning, his lab test results are great, he is happier and more active. In every way, he adds. He is a former athlete; he played football before falling in love with IT, so he leveraged this too to his advantage. 

Adnan firmly believes that knowledge should be shared. Whether it’s about work, new experiences, or, ultimately, health. So, he took all the things he studied long and hard to help himself and put them a presentation for the Dev Talks MeetUp, regularly organized by Authority Partners precisely with this idea in mind – to disseminate the knowledge accumulating in a company with more than 400 consultants spread out across 5 continents and 33 countries. On our last Dev Talks MeetUp event held in May, Adnan gave his presentation brightly titled “Happy, healthy programmer!” and went through the steps leading to a healthier lifestyle and not just self-improvement but also better work as well. 

Throughout its 23 years of existence, AP has always actively promoted healthy habits. In addition to this great topic and Adnan’s presentation, AP has been organizing yoga classes each Tuesday and paying for its consultants’ recreational activities for a number of years. Adnan’s medical check-up mentioned at the beginning of this story is, in fact, a part of supplementary medical insurance provided by the company, while the full package of good intentions also includes a combination of team-building and active outings with organized walking and cycling tours. The current Spring Challenge is focused on the same goal – health. 

Finally, we agree with Adnan that knowledge should be shared, but we also need to receive what is offered. To learn more about Dev Talks MeetUp and how to sign-up for free and hear about this experience, visit https://apwd.wpengine.com/events/. If you miss this event, look out for a podcast with Adnan coming in the second season of popular podcasts produced by Authority Partners.