In the interconnected, high-speed, 24/7 business environment, efficiently building and maintaining high performance, high availability information systems is crucial to your success. Whether you’re building and maintaining information systems, testing and implementing custom applications for automated business processes, or developing intuitive interfaces that connect data across diverse information systems, our mission is to inspire and enable our consultants to create excellence in technology solutions, growing together with our clients on the path to success.  

At AP, we are invested in your success. That’s why we partner with you for the long haul, ensuring our consultants understand not only the task at hand, but also your vision and motivation. By cultivating long-term relationships, our consultants maintain a sense of continuity with your needs, building efficiency, reducing ramp up and lowering costs for future projects and customization. 

AP boasts years of experience across multiple industries, including financial services, health care, real estate, hospitality, disaster response, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. We also specialize in Microsoft technology stack for enterprises, as well as all popular mobile platforms, allowing for a customized array of solutions for any challenge, big or small.

For clients wishing to simply increase their development capacity, AP provides an extraordinary pool of talent through our global onsite/offsite IT staffing services. Our consultants have the maturity and experience to dovetail effortlessly with your internal teams across a variety of tasks, and apply their passion and knowledge to flawlessly execute your vision.

Whether working on or off site, AP possesses both the local and global consultants to build anything you can dream up. Available around the clock, our extraordinary consultants are familiar with every level of your business, from the boardroom to the server room, ensuring our solutions work vertically as well as laterally across enterprise. The result is an agile approach to customized solutions that builds customer loyalty, increases efficiency and transforms your business.

Enterprise Software

As demands increase and expand across an array of federated systems, so does the need for accuracy and performance at the enterprise level. AP consultants possess vast experience at building high performance systems with large transaction counts and database sizes. Moreover, AP is ISO 9001 certified and operates in a process compliant environment, assuring our client solutions meet necessary standards and regulations.

Founded on a culture of collaboration, AP partners with you to accurately assess your needs, and architects an efficient and productive solution for even the most complex and sizable challenges. Our consultants excel at securing your enterprise applications and data, and ensuring they are available around the clock. This includes expertise in building zero-downtime production environments, implemented through geographically distributed disaster recovery sites and public/private cloud distributed systems.

Cloud Computing

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud reduces costs and increases flexibility and efficiency.  At AP, we leverage relationships with Microsoft and Amazon that give us a leg up in helping you quickly and successfully navigate cloud migration. Our consultants are prepared to identify assets and opportunities for cloud migration, and to skillfully create hybrid solutions that negotiate your internal data centers with data in the cloud. With the guidance of our expert teams, you can expect an increase of the efficient management of automated IT tasks and processes, and the flexibility to keep your systems running smoothly. 


AP empowers you to expand your enterprise reach to mobile and tablet devices, and to seamlessly integrate your enterprise systems and applications. Our consultants, steeped in experience with mobile development, will work by your side to expertly assess your needs and recommend the best solution. Implementation includes both native and hybrid mobile applications, and responsive design methods. 

AP is capable of application development for the full range of mobile platforms, including Microsoft Windows Phone, Google Android, Apple iOS and Samsung Smart TV. With our years of maturity across various industries and technologies, our consultants produce seamless mobile integration that enhances efficiency, productivity and your bottom line. 



QA is an integral part of how AP approaches software development. Our team of experts applies an in depth understanding of QA processes, technologies and tools to expedite deployment and ensure on-target delivery for our clients. And with our application life-cycle management tools, AP allows for efficiently automated code testing and provides QA resources significant insight into the status of testing and code release. 

Throughout the development process we will confirm quality control via code reviews, baselining, regression, performance and integration testing. Additionally, we will test software to ensure performance and display are optimized for targeted devices, browsers and platforms. Our Senior Software Engineers and QA Analysts will then verify that the completed system performs according to requirements specifications, coding and security policies, and industry best practices.


Modern business runs on Information Technology.  The potential for accidental or malicious disruption of your information systems and IT infrastructure has significant consequences. AP conducts review, assessment and penetration testing of client infrastructures, applications and code.  In turn, this reveals any exposed assets and allows us to help our clients mitigate security risks and threats. 

What’s more, your business information, infrastructure, and processes may be subject to one or more of a growing number of governmental regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley. Our Information Security consultants can be trusted to help you stay ahead of any security risks and threats, while ensuring you are compliant with relevant regulations.



AP starts every project with the user at the center. We understand that UX is more than just an element of the development process – it’s a strategy at the heart of your success. By partnering closely with you from the requirements gathering phase through information architecture and design, our UX and interactive designers craft highly functional and intuitive solutions that drive adoption.

We create and refine user flows and wireframes until we finalize a detailed project blueprint that meets user needs and aligns with your business goals. As our clients, you are involved at every stage of the process, from wireframing through design reviews and user acceptance testing. Through that partnership, our consultants skillfully map crucial touch points of engagement and construct clean, intuitive user experiences that are both compelling and productive.

Designing for any device

The number of devices, platforms and browsers that your site or application is required to integrate with grows each day. AP consultants skillfully assess your needs, then recommend and execute a variety of solutions, including native mobile applications, hybrid applications and responsive design. In particular, AP’s responsive design solutions enable optimum viewing experiences across a range of devices without the time and expense of building customized native applications. Equally, our consultants can build a hybrid solution that will help you take advantage of many available device features while significantly reducing your development costs.


AP began with a few passionate software engineers who had the vision and drive to expand on existing technologies and change the face of enterprise.  Today, our recruiters cultivate that same spirit of excellence in securing and placing talent for our clients.  We can work with you and your Talent Engagement teams to quickly locate only the best talent and secure them for your greatest challenges.

No matter how unique or specific your requirements, our recruiters draw upon years of investment in our client relationships and projects to assess candidates accurately and efficiently for any task. And our experience across multiple industries and technologies allows us to remain laser focused on reducing your legwork and accurately narrowing our pool of global talent to the best possible fit.

We also maintain long-term relationships with talent, allowing our recruiters to place hard-to-find, highly experienced and specialized candidates at short notice. AP recruiters can place candidates across a variety of disciplines, both locally and globally, as well as on a full time, part time or consulting basis. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect consultants, and ensure our solutions work around the clock both vertically and laterally across your enterprise. 


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