Our great achiever and management enthusiast Onela Pilipovic, Account Manager at AP, became the first person in Bosnia and Herzegovina to receive the prestigious Portfolio Management Professional (PFMP) certification.

Hard-work, knowledge, commitment to quality are just a few attributes of our team. At Authority Partners, we are committed to growth and development. Hence, everyone has the opportunity to “make it big.” We also recognize that each AP team member is unique. We have different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, which lead to innovative ideas and great success.

The Portfolio Management Professional signifies advanced competency in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives and represents the top certification worldwide.

At Authority Partners, Onela is responsible for developing relationships with clients to acquire new businesses and maintain networks with existing customers, to retain their trust. As an Account Manager, she is a liaison between the organization, existing, and prospective clients.

Not only does she need to handle multiple client accounts, but she also makes sure that every customer feels important and valued. She is an experienced project, program, and portfolio manager, offering a healthy balance between business savvy and technical capabilities. She possesses ten years of experience in the IT industry with extensive Institutional, Healthcare, and Software Development project portfolios.

We asked Onela how did she get interested in PFMP. Onela stated, “During my career, I’ve noticed that nearly all organizations have more project and program work to do than people and money to do the job. Sometimes this can cause poor results, as people are working on the wrong projects and programs or too many projects and programs. As a Portfolio Manager, I help the organization decide which projects and programs will be suitable investments and increase business value by aligning projects with an organization’s strategic direction, making the best use of limited resources, and building synergies between projects and programs. With implementing Portfolio Management, I am implementing a funnel that connects strategic planning to the execution of projects and programs, making the strategic objectives executable.

Portfolio management is one of the most effective methods to execute strategic initiatives because it links the strategy and execution to form a specific framework or standard. Organizations with effective portfolio management have met more ROIs from strategic implementation and tasks than those who do not. Portfolio managers are responsible for such activities, ensuring that strategies and objectives are aligned to the overall operation of the projects and programs.”

Onela shared with us that she is profoundly pleased and honored to receive the prestigious Portfolio Management Professional (PFMP) certification: “I am extremely proud and humbled to become part of 755 achievers globally who have obtained this certificate, and the first person in Bosnia and Herzegovina who becomes part of this elite group! With this great personal achievement, I am sure I will add even more values to our business and our customers, but especially to my second family: Authority Partners.”

We asked Onela to send words of wisdom to all who are interested in advancing their career. “Trust in your capabilities and always follow your dreams, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Believe you can, and you’re halfway there!” Onela said, and we agree entirely.