Mustafa first in the Balkans to complete Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps

Whenever we choose to create excellence, success will always follow. Our work environment is fueled by the power of having current knowledge, the opportunity to learn new skills every day and the unique feeling of self-growth and accomplishment.

Mustafa Toroman, System Engineer and Program Architect, is living proof that having true passion for knowledge is the path to success. Every year, he achieves enviable results, so today he proudly points out that he is the first in the Balkans to complete the Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps.

Mustafa Toroman, Program Architect and Lead System Engineer

“DevOps is a process that is not just a world trend, but, in my opinion, the future of IT companies. Practicing this process enables us to make business easier and deliver additional value to our customers. DevOps is something that has interested me for a long time, so certification was a challenge and a way to validate my knowledge,” explains Mustafa.

For those interested in DevOps, Mustafa explains that it is often linked to one’s work position. This perception is completely misleading, however, since it is a process that involves two sides, Dev and Ops. Joint work establishes a process that, at any given moment, needs to produce the best possible results and helps correct previous mistakes. There is no universal formula or definition for DevOps that must be applied in order for there to be a successful process. Everyone involved needs to know their part of the job very well and work together to achieve what is best for the project.

As a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional, Mustafa has given lectures at over 50 global IT conferences over the past six years.

“I started holding lectures locally, and then I started getting invitations for international conferences. I enjoy them, because I can learn a lot and share my experiences with others. My lectures allow me to study the topic in detail as I prepare, and after the lecture I can make an assessment of my knowledge and experience in relation to the IT community,” says Mustafa.

Last year, Mustafa marked a great success by being the first lecturer from the region to participate in the largest IT conference, Microsoft Ignite in Orlando.

“Microsoft Ignite is an amazing experience. Having 30,000 IT experts from all over the world in one place is a great opportunity to learn and exchange experiences. I am happy to be part of the stimulating environment at AP, which encourages knowledge sharing,” adds Mustafa.

AP continuously invests in the growth and knowledge of IT professionals in BiH, and is proud to be able to work with people who are excellent experts in the field and possess a passion for new trends and state-of-the-art technologies.